Um. So about the movies. I hope this isn't teh case. But,

(but, supposing you have an open mind- you realize you can still make and watch other peoples movies)– and don't need “a central agency” to do so, then congratulations I'd like to speak with you. Otherwise, please just read on and note the movies may be going away.

—begin blog post—

So, I've been telling people sporadically when it came up, that if you ever saw movies stop being made, and theatre chains start to shutter- you should have already reserves of food, and infrastructure for basic necessities you'd like to manufacture or have on stored supply- and in some cases may never see again after what you have runs out.

I'm not exactly sure how this will look, – nobody is- but we're headed into a transitional territory as a species- and you should understand that 'constants' other than things like there is going to be some sunlight, tomorrow”– are not umm- that is not how it works.

We're in a giant floating marble/shoe box magnet thing full of thingie-ma-bobbies and we are all dancing in it, how the fuc* would it stay constant? ;-P

But about the theatres – it was a cue that I saw a long long long time ago which would be a partial indica of cardinality. From Sean Hollister of the Verge- (hm, I really should be posting this on I'll have to cross post it.)

From Sean:

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Businesses Close Stores Nationwide In Response To Coronavirus Pandemic Photo by Victor J. Blue/Getty Images Cineworld, owner of the largest chain of theaters in the UK and Ireland and the second-largest in the United States — Regal Cinemas — will reportedly close all its theaters next week, according to /Variety/ , /The Sunday Times/ , and others. /Variety/ reports that all 543 theaters in the US will be closed, which account for the chain’s 7,000+ screens in the region. /The Sunday Times /reports that it will close all 128 theaters in the UK and Ireland, too. Both say James Bond is the reason. Yesterday, the 25th James Bond film — /No Time to Die/ — was pushed back to April 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic, denying theaters one of the last major tentpole releases due out this year . Apparently, theaters were counting on Bond, specifically, to arrive on... Continue reading…

** Yep. **

So that's interesting. I have some friends in the industry, in several capacities- since I live just 40 miles from the stamen and pistil- Lost Angels, I mean wait- Yeah- that place. Verrah Verrah busy down there, and super neat in many ways. However I am quite happy being closer to the negative ion generative system (ocean), as there are much a mucky-muck in the EM spectrum, but this is another story and it's not exactly complicated. Man has built so many “antennae things” and wireless “nesses” – in plurality ad infinitum, that if you were to spray- much like adding a water vapour from a spray mister into the air with the stream of red energy illuminating inside of what appears to be a magic trick- the laser pointer is now a star wars weapon? what planet am i on? okay yeah whew! is this thing on? okay cool that didnt actually burn my hand- just i can see it now, the particles! cool! science is cool! (this is a monologue of what it must be like to discover this about a simple laser pointer and water for the first time.) and yeah, i think i was as much if not even further amused , but ..

Everything changes. Not all at once, but sometimes that too. What can remain constant among all this are your ideas that you hold about yourself- your morals, your virtues, your personality- how you treat others, how you wish to be seen in this world- and remembered if such a thing is to be an occurrence- and so on. More later.