Thought Leaders Don't Draw Caravans, They Create Roads,

(and infrastructure.)
Already lost? Infrastructure creates the shape of oour interactions- at large with the world, or at least a lot of them, enough to make a huge difference. Read on. .

By using frame-works, processes, and methods, born of ideologies, logic rhetoric and reason, and grappled against and underpinned by ones sense of morality self station and utterly as dictated by the needs of ones core identity.

But all of these things make up a man or woman, or person.

All of these qualities, when paired and brought along with respect, and focused discipline- agility in mind unto actions...

We may have the basis by which to re-envision and re-create our world, bringing to true from what need “be made real.”

This is what I'm calling-

https://the-realized-network.Earth .

People who see stuff with their inner vision, and do it – and don't stop until they see it become real, in their eyes.

Welcome to .. The Realize Network. It's nice to meet you, I'm Omar, your humble engineer and fellow cosmonaut on this adventure.

The Realized Network, is a way to network the earth, making a blank digital template .....

that links together in a unity of collaboration.. so that we can create entirely new tools and use the power of the internet to run them, but re-thinking everything from the ground up, so we don't have to deal with software changing or becoming obsolete, or without getting all technical- any other issues.

The actual point of all of this, is to take the internet into our own hands, and collaboratively build a network that's not designed to be bought, sold, or make money necessarily to support its design that we can use in our day to day world to get things done that we need to get done. For free.

It's a network designed for people to use, to get stuff done in the actual world around them, but using the internet as a purpose built, functional tool. Like a swiss army knife.

But you only need to know about one place, and you get to do what you want with your data, including piping in whatever other site from the rest of the internet, when you're viewing the web through this software platform, into..... our software, at various points and places in the over-all suite, directly or as data types, or lists, etc- or as to do's or otherwise.

The engineering point of this is to create a fully autonomous network of tens of dozens of thousands of sites that are all in a network together, running a similar software package- that aggregates or enables their network to work with ours, or optionally we can eschew all of that and just aggregate theirs with our software. ours is backwards compatible to WAP with HTML, I mean sure it gets reduced as you go, but yeah.. as long as HTML is a standard... TCP/IP..

etc..SIP.. Hi So and So. You need to be starting to think about this? If you're interested in leaving a mark as you grow silvery and contemplate writing that book each morning and wonder. ;)

Thought leaders, engineers, creatives, moms, professionals, geeks, tradesmen, craftsmen, anyone who knows how to do something useful.

And furthermore, anyone with some kind of input- to collaboratively work with me on creating the world we want to see.

== formatted up to here and finishing after dinner ===

(But really really fast online) and then real slowly as we wish to take our time enjoying the actual new reality we created in the day to day life.

You see because the internet doesn't have to go to sleep, It can generate new forms of reality 12 times or 24 times faster and let the intelligent software we design, and the rest of the team handle the rest while we stay asleep whenever we normally would, not affecting our other stuff. This is an elective project- you commit what you can when you can, you don't need worry about inputting a regular amount of time like a job, just be consistently reliable, in the long-term- and do what you set out to, or modify it enough later so that it's a new thing and you don't leave dead ends hanging around. Occasionally of course, something will be a dead end, but it's just for you- we will have a page that you can orphan off projects to , and find a new leader for- that is a different topic for another day.

But in general, what I'm proposing has literally never been done before, mostly because people tend to argue too much or just wait for instructions, or not do anything at all but say they will.

Of course this causes problems, but its easy to understand its origin is either inter-personal or work based in habituation and thus the presentation needing to be ameliorated into useful behavior for the project to continue -

But people do this because usually because they are accustomed to having to impress somebody (usually a boss), and not really thinking about their words, before they agree to establish and follow through on a commitment to a project. (again usually the boss.) But what this does it sets up an expectation both of blind allegiance to the boss over performing any task, AND the expectation you do it because “you're getting paid” and this totally removes all the most important functional aspects of actually: 1. Why! You're doing something at all in the first place. 2. What it will achieve or the outcome or results will be or look like. 3. Anything else that you can think of that comes from answering questions 1 and 2. 4. etc..

So most people just agree to say “Yes,” before asking what it is, how to do it, thinking weather or not they know how to, or any other detail, and it bleeds over largely into ones life outside of work, which is actually your main life.

In a healthy and well adjusted global society, there is no “work,” there are only people cooperating as they live, doing things that need to be done- but together- and as they need to be done- and automatically without waiting to be assigned permission, or to be delegated or appointed to complete the task.


The entire underpinnings of the organized and established “society” and structure are designed to stall-wart any human innovation on a root and primal emotional level – and echo all the way up to the established structures and heirarchies world wide, where-ever you tend to look. Clearly, they're all working together, or they all copied each other, or something – but the result is basically tens of hundreds of millions, even billions of people that —-

actually have no idea how to take initiative in a natural “i had this thought and i wanted to do it and i am passionate or excited about it and i need to get it done to see the result and it is BEING DONE” – they never get to that point, or have that very much.

So, clearly- this fucks up peoples willingness to try, or even at some point- to remember that anything else was even possible to begin with.

The reality my brain lives in and swims around in is “anything is possible, i may just not be able to see how it works yet.” You'd be surprised how far this shit can carry you, to achieving new things. It's a hard thing to develop, and I'm not the ultimate master, or I'd be levitating or some shit right now.

But, people get hung up on action when it comes to being tasked to come up with an idea or way to fix something, or being asked to and agreeing to design a new thing or improve an existing one, or when agreeing to scheduling a meeting, or a lot of other very common behaviors, that we can only assume the outcome being discussed here is the thing didn't get done, because the person for some reason really, really, didn't want to do that thing, but did not feel able to communicate that, or couldn't to the person who asked them to do it. The list goes pretty far into things humans do to each-other, and causes a lot of problems.

So to avoid that entirely, you have to understand this one thing: Nobody at the realized network has to do anything. We're all here because we want to be, in the capacity that we want to be, and contribute a we wish, how we can, and when we can. What distinguishes us from most people in a most basic fundamental level?

  1. a willingness to constantly evolve the self and discover new things
  2. a curiosity about the world 3 .a general lack of harsh or lack of self judgement or intro-spective-or debilitating socially refractive judgement/perspective comparisons
  3. a desire to help other people, at some point, somehow, some-way.
  4. a willingness to exercise the golden rule (treat others how you wish to be treated) at all times, and to exercise it as well, with the self.

aside from our fundamental hard coded humanity, we are all about as different in perspectives, passions and appearance as night and day.

All humans by the way have the following things in common, and I probably missed a few:

  1. we all desire to be love and be loved
  2. we all occasionally desire to be validated or to validate someone. (think high five, good job, etc...)
  3. we all have to eat, sleep, and poop.
  4. I know I'm forgetting something very obvious, and probably to make you laugh.

Just know at the realized network, you're not being held to do things you didn't ask to do- you're just being held accountable to do things you said you would.

This simple procedural change to the evolution of getting things done in the project, should negate the dreaded “Yes Man, or Yes Ma'am” ping of creative or functional death on wanting to actually do a thing, and instead we'll all be doing just what we want to, or adjusting that as we go with our teams and node captains and geographic elders....

I've got a whole structure going on here . :)

In practice, and with some adaptation, we should fix that, and perhaps just know that I am aware of most every excuse in the book, when it comes to procrastinating, or removing one-self from responsibility or culpability, but we left that guy in my late 20's, and grew up. So I am at least as creative as you are at attempting to get out of responsibility or avoid it entirely, or pass it off, or otherwise- you get the point do don't try, it will piss me off, but I'll be nice about it the first time or two. After that, I assume either you have problems with boundaries and self respect, and respect for other people as well, and we will need to ask you to be honest with your expectations and intentions for contributing to the project over time and near-term where ever we are..

It takes mastery of that to desire the opposite end... LOL So don't try me, or your efforts will likely just be re-directed into you getting the work done somehow without you knowing you're doing it, or if that doesn't work- we'll end up having to chat as mentioned above, but it's not scary- it's just an indication that maybe this isn't for you right now, and you can stay involved, but don't make active commitments to nodes or projects inside either your local phyical network and the realized networks online work/plan spaces (synergy engines) for that, but just chill and take a break stay on the email list, do something else, etc- but come back if you want to! :-p

Anyhow in no time at all, you will be working with people in your local area, or remotely if working on a non-geographic initiative.

Together, let's work together in a never before realized, seen or done way. (At least not in current recorded human history.)

Together, let's try new things, and be bold.

Together, lets form the realized network across our earth-


Together, we bring the shape of tomorrow- into the power of our hands.

Together, we form the realized network.

Together, we bring powerful focused change.

We do this through cooperation and effort applied to our common goals, for our communities, ourselves, and our loved ones, and the world – if working on a non local initiative like “just add cacao, which plants cacao trees in deforested areas.” for example.

TOGETHER ! We unite, to better our world, starting today.

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But with concentrated and focused effort, all over the world, we can and will get it all done – totally changing the world into a place we feel joyous about.

We must shape ourselves, and over-haul the way we do a lot of things, but it will be fun, and constantly a game to play with the self, and the mind- and the self honor.

As we start to make any initial progress, and start talking among those we are working with in the-realized-network, we soon will be looking at a different world, and by the sweat of your brow, mend of your hands, and the voice that guides your heart- and inner vision.

Much sooner than you or I thought. But for real. But you are going to have to get off your ass to help make it happen, or you can just keep reading until you're inspired and join us. Your choice ;–]

So, if we start now, and work together to take the time and effort to do this and do it differently than ever before, and design new ways to do everything, or mostly everything, then we can live in a much better world, that looks like the summation of our collective efforts.

Trust me, I've been to burning man, it is entirely possible to build a city that supports 60,000 people in 3 days time.

The amount of UN-realized power in human collaboration is simply inconceivable to you, more than likely, as you sit there reading these words. But know this is not an insult, but an invitation... to change your life forever-

By starting to take accountability and discipline in action , in acting on it, in putting your energy and your atoms and ions up on it and focusing all of them on improving our world and our lives at the same exact time. They go hand in hand.

All you have to do today if you're ready is decide the following for yourself and put your foot down: I will commit my life to constantly bettering myself in every way, and in ways that I currently do not understand but I will be over-joyed to understand later.

So in order to fix the world and never experience all that other stuff that currently sucks and we have right now, and make it go away? we have to start now, today.


So, in a nutshell, who wants to be involved already? Email me or let me know. If you ever need to email me there are a million ways to do that, [] but I'm working on making it even easier.

Or if you hate email, just contact me via your method of choice about this. I'd hate for something so inconsequential to stand in the way of global innovation.

But, thought leaders are those who dare to stand alone,

(Or together; Without pomp,– in small groups, and in bigger groups,

and well- we don't have to be together to be powerful,

But we have to work together meaning as a very large group, but on the stuff we're good at, and assume everyone else is doing the rest, (this actually works if everyone does things), you're just not used to it because most people aren't used to doing what they're passionate about, and thus people stop- people pretend they liked a thing but didn't- and so on.

The above changes 100% in the other direction when everyone is working on something they truly wanted to, and came up with the idea for themselves. Either it will succeed, or they will feel a responsibility to themselves and the group and self report some kind of progress or what happened. The group then evolves and moves forward collectively, and nobody has failed, everyone has contributed, and the design just continues toward where it needs to be.

This is a very simple “over-look” for now to affect a lot of useful, tangible change. We have to work together, and don't worry about the details that will come at just the right times. More later on all this and other things.

if you're interested, ** find me and make it known. **

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This is cross-posted to Face-book, but is the latest writing submission prompt in an adventure series, that is lead by what makes up a very fascinating and collaborative group of people who have a common inter-personal thread that connects them.

We are all ruthlessly committed to forever exploring our own minds, and what's going on in there, – ** where-ever ** that leads us, -

And to discover what's possible that seems impossible, and all of those kinds of things. * If you're one of us, join us. *

You may openly at any time insert yourself into the ongoing exploration of the human mind that is going on over there- by answering one of the prompts that shows up at the base url below: or the most recent one by clicking the URL below.

Also, about this blog – it has some pretty hard-core heavy lifting going on in the conceptual department, and in the probabilistic reality department, – that is kind of my specialty . So there are some pretty wild articles that may live here, and not be entirely finished, or thought out, because- well- I don't like that shit.

So if you ever see something that hurts your head, but is interesting, and feels nebulous this is on purpose, and it's left that way because I don't want to define it, because it doesn't feel that it wants or needs to be, and everything has life to it- so in the interest of finding new things without looking, I leave a lot of things hanging. It's not an oversight, and I'm not wrong, I'm not even usually making a point, I'm usually -exploring.– That's the operative difference.

It is definitive, but it's exploring, not asserting anything.

I don't need you to believe me, hell I don't even know that I'm right, or even making a point. I'm just driving an idea somewhere and watching what it does, and doing something I've basically avoided all my life-

Letting people see how I actually think, and to let them interact with that. (and the profundity of this statement is so severely weighted that few will understand the levity of this, even fewer can understand, and fewer yet will have had the experience themselves.)

I already am convinced I'm onto something and don't want any nay-sayers. However, if you want to add something to the dialogue, I always welcome that- just treat me with respect and you will recieve the same back, and I welcome and appreciate the effort in you having shared that with me.

If this bugs you, clearly you really don't see what I'm doing and that is totally okay, and no danger to you. Just do something else and forget this blog exists, it's not about you, and it's not going to be interesting. But if you ever find it again, then know that perhaps that is your subconscious mind... Chipping away at you slowly, begging for introspection until you figure out why you keep coming back here and reading, or reading over at the mind unchained club.

But on thinking and stuff, and some really important stuff about (and and others, its all the same thing, and then some, read on please and humbly thank you.

pure ionic agility- bliss state

an article thought out to a completion point is one that conforms to the way the brain has been molded, and i am chasing everything else. eventually, realizing that even the way I analyze and synthesize myself these things- mentally will evolve over time – to some unknown system. I am already capable of non-linear thought, but as this process evolves, it is utterly inevitable that the way I see myself and the world will be irrevocably altered from my sincere and humble participation in this pursuit-

and while I have no idea what that will bring, it feels incredibly worth it, in every way- and is very rewarding to me to be able to look at my life in new ways, constantly – and be able to tell that it's all actually going somewhere, and that perhaps, even -

There are other people either doing the same thing (I want to work with you or have you work with and, as well as the other aspects if you want to or fit, like,,,,, or any other thing that is a part of the network-

(just email me or get in touch and ill fill you in doesnt matter to have all the relevant urls (I have 200 or so domains right now) that are in various stages of the over-all-road-map to be integrated into this network in various key points and well do you see now how complicated okay just email me about that otherwise keep reading and dont worry about it but when you see it- is us. :)

We are the initial geographic founders of this new humanity centric network, focused on total balanced ionic hygiene.

( or in short English, taking the physical spiritual mental emotional and all that shit) and making it do the right stuff to get what the hell you want out of life and nothing you don't, network- or if you do get something you don't, but:

Now you have all these new ways to make it an okay thing instead of a disaster, and everybody grows, network- otherwise we are creating an ideological utopia that people can use as a system to re-engineer themselves from the ground up in every way conceivable,

in the wake of how complicated search engines are, I'm working on that, and a bunch of other problems,-

and its all going to live inside a main portal and you will have access to it with your [ I'm still looking for the appropriate non-polar word here for a sign-in ] .. and then you'd have that forever at your use :) !

!( <—– Join us by filling out the latest writing prompt at the mind unchained club by clicking above.

Just know for later as an added goodie, all main sites in the network will have their own topical one word short link for the service, and accessible by a top level domain, of which, if you can only remember the domain name, you will arrive, and find a directory of the various services inside the realized network, weather or not you are logged in or not..

(so far we have 60 actual pages requested to be read by people who are interested in what we are doing so far, and then over-all 199 people loaded our blog, and the people who actually took the time to read something,

spent over 68 minutes among themselves reading your words and some of mine, and heres the cool part! Each person over that group- spent 6 minutes and 12 seconds reading.

If the average human attention span is currently 6 seconds, congratulations, someone really gave a shit about what you said. You had them imagining and reading your words for 62 times that long ! ) ————lets keep going .. ———————– thanks for being you ———————— —————