this is really, really weird. cleaning drones now too?

I guess it's time to clean up that “what will the birds think of their new skies?” article from last month in response to the package delivery drones, and bird vitality, biodiversity- and all Eco-systems up and down the chain of life, by custody of function and size and their effects on the entropy of the whole system (this planet), and everything in it including you standing there doing whatever-the-thing-you-are-trying——to-get-done-is. Yeh.

It's all in here at once. and in general, stuff that disrupts already existing things in a seriously major way like, say making it hard for birds to fly around without getting attacked by or sharing air space with or having to adapt to robots without logic or care for them (nobody has written publicly that i have seen in any press release about how you care for the safe habitat and interactivity deltas with birds as drones go about their work you are so proud of,) and I feel this is a ** critical oversight . **

Call me stupid, but if you take just two minutes to think, Hm if we didn't have birds then we would have more lizards, because some birds eat those, and oh snakes too! Then we should assume drones will cause more of that somewhere. and whatever other problems like say making it hard to walk on the sidewalk or enter or exit a shop, or public place, open a door, turn a corner, walk up a flight of stairs, grab something out of a counter above your head without having to see it first,etc the list goes on these are little tiny things but they matter to you daily, but as an example of how complex even a simple ecosystem of your damn kitchen is,

then you want to put drones in the place birds live and that is an ecosystem and habitat with millions of different kinds of species of everything imaginable and shit you have never seen, thought of, or could have possibly imagined exists, lives here somewhere on earth or under water. if it's not here, you could probably will it, or build it. :p

Anyway, we need to have companies be publicly accountable about the drone thing and they wont be, and so don't expect it, ever- and do expect them to pretend and assert they have fixed the issue, which really usually consists of them paying some expert and a public relations firm and a scientist or expert on the subject- >to assert with weight repetitively that it has been solved, and the company is aware of the problem.

Well, that sounds like an admission of implied involvement, and of perhaps to * suggest * they affected the .. It's called just “not telling you a thing”. They did it, Ok? Otherwise that situation wouldn't even present itself ever ever, —— ever . Got it? LOL Oh and a lot of “hope” dressed up as suggested ingest-able will-altering perception changing stuffs and fanciful things, devices and ideologies, tools of the trade, toys of the mind, and just simply when you get down to it- functional aspects of what it means to be human.

When you understand how the puzzle works, you have to commit to a lifetime of good and service, or you take the other path. Otherwise you are in stasis and cannot begin to fully unlock yourself , and of course this is just a theory but it seems to be operatively true in my life and those of others, but perhaps, this is just our perception or our experience- see there is a very weird thing humans do- when they see something, the mind can create the prescience of the rest of that experience, (and does this ** all ** the time, even when none of the rest of that stuff is actually there.

Anyway, In regard to these companies and the magic Oh we know, and we addressed the safe-ness of the birds, the drone blades are not sharp, or the camera can detect the birds, well okay shit goes wrong, I play with computer code, and ..... well, stuff goes wrong. No analogy needed....

So with regard to effectiveness of a solution here that is acceptable to the birds, and every other species of animal plant and (the humans HMM), unless you can show that it is solved,

you are actively participating in an act of bio ta ta ta ta ta ta , in a sense, and not a positive one- ~ `

Because otherwise in short order, and you dont come to your senses, the negative actions will continue to have a cascading negentropic effect and affect- well, I dont want to get into this just do the right thing, how hard is that?

But the share holder....s

Where do you live, bro?

Oh, thats right- they've almost finished building out Mars, and ... Hm, but thats another sci fi for another day type thing.

But yes and yet, functionally, unless they tell you exactly what they did, and can show you that it's true (which is impossible so dont wait for it)– they are just trying to make you feel better so you stop thinking about it.. so the things they say if they are still doing it, generally dont fix things, but in rare cases a company actually does solve a problem, so look out for that- too. Those times are cool, and we like those. The rest, they dont fix anything. WE also call it Lying....

so yeh expect that- and it will be just like green washing, CFC's, or any number of things inbetween the public learning that GMO foods had been introduced all through the early to late 70s in pilot programs and then officially in 1978 with Mons and Searle, and So on- The New agglomera transition from the old brands- bayer, ig farben, etc. all the same folks, folks-.

I mean its neat they wanna clean stuff, but the last time I checked I just use water and rub stuff, whats the problem? How are we to verify the alchemy of the sorcer or sorceress or alchemist who developed this chemical formulae they are free balling everywhere and introducing into the human genome as people are exposed to it in the stadium and surrounding physical touch points? There is a lot of shit people dont think about, but is real important...

anywho —– /me walks off..

I leave you with this:

Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC, will use a pair of drones to disinfect fan seating and other areas after upcoming events. The purpose-built D1 disinfecting drones are being provided by Lucid Drone Technologies, and use electrostatic spraying nozzles to distribute the non-toxic disinfecting chemicals. The drones will debut after the Falcons’ upcoming October 11th home game against the Carolina Panthers.

The stadium claims it’s the first professional sports stadium to use cleaning drones, and it says they reduce the time it takes to clean the stadium’s seating area by 95 percent, freeing up staff to work elsewhere. The drones will also disinfect the stadium’s handrails and glass...

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Okay so that was the article. One last thing, suppose just for a moment a drone accidentally chops up or corners a bird who gets confused and flys directly through a path of drone spinning flight holder of drones up in the air device things, because they are probably sharp or can hurt. Just common sense- okay ? and is the other cleaning drone gonna just, leave the deceased? Or is it going to clean it ? What if the pattern fractals out of control and the birds declare war, and the drones just eh- I don't know... This whole thing , ALL of it- the WHOLE thing. is weird.

okay- bye :D