House Testimony From Tim Kendall of Facebook – This is powerful.. and he wants to make actionable good on reversing his contribution of social-fabric-damage-hurray!

This just in -

My Notes:

I rarely see an action this responsible in the real world, even if he was forced to do it under law, he gave enough in outline form to predicate and fully correlate other things I am aware of , in regard to Facebook and their practices in functional operation .. —

one more thing, this article is not done, and i am adding more things. you may want to keep re-loading it every so often if you come back to finish it in more than one reading, it may change and have new or edited or moved around or deleted content. but the message will remain the same. its also important to mention that when you are driven by morality, and only follow the golden rule, it simplifies a lot of things. like i'm never trying to hurt anyone on purpose, but may occasionally be wrong.

I hold myself accountable, responsible, and in discipline to learn a thing when I don't see the correct result, for myself, or for others in something I have committed actions to and thus share in the responsibility (the ability to respond to the thing with precision), to that thing. thats just how it works. :) as long as there is learning and an understanding nobody is TRYING to hurt anyone, or harm them- it opens up a new paradigm of possible cooperation between people.... remember this as you read for later in the writing here :)

nothing is ever done, if you think that way you dont really want to understand how life works. when you understand everything is entirely nebulous change and everything is possible at any given moment, – is a lot more honest than “this is done” because someone else walks along and it can be improved, or its horrible and inspires them to do it all over again, or create a new counter culture, etc... life finds a way.

and im trying to make it so we can actually do that, instead of slave away trying to earn money. heres the BIG secret right here. i dont hate money but i like my freedom of thought and action more to create a happy fun time for my friends and I, and the world, etc- more than going to work-

and here is where people drop the ball and cannot visualize it so it goes nowhere- but i can and so i will tell you plain as day this:

if everyone just starts by joining the realized network, and listing 3 things they're good at, and adding one person within the first month they join a friend request- a person they dont know, that has one thing they are interested in, or interested in learning about, in common- then this is literally all that we need momentum wise to change the entire world, and begin intelligently un-doing our most pressing human problems.

Dont worry about the how, thats where my brain is pure magic- (literally) but i do take input and direction for ideas, but if i dont like it you cannot lead me :) but you can build it at the same time , but we have to keep the over-all vision of the project in play advancing – and it's never personal. ever. I ain't that guy. :) Far too interested in being humble when I'm wrong, and happy when I realize it- and happy the rest of the time.

Here's another thing people don't embrace fully- happiness is a conscious choice, just like the will to live. you have to create it if it is not there. if it is there, you have to resolve to create it again later, a different new way. It will creep off into the distance and fly away, if you don't realize it is up to you, to create your happiness, and your life.

If everyone that hears about the realized network joins as a participant and adds one friend in the first month, and lists three interests- that is all the momentum we need to begin changing the world.. I'll worry about making sure the fire doesn't go out. You bring the people and be willing to serve others, and to grow as a person... The rest will be irrevocably un-wipable from human history, if you play along.

Otherwise, you're going to piss me off and make me sad- and you like me right? Just join and see what happens. and promote the hell out of the PRINCIPLES. which I will document in plain english as a very short list soon. very very soon. like i am editing a document right meow, because people do need the documents and we are off in the land of creating possibility and paving the roads and bridge building to the lands of dreams- open – .... totally open. the golden rule is the king of the land, do as you would, desire unto yourself, do only this onto others. in your words, in your deeds, and so forth. That is the ONLY rule. If you cannot handle that, you will be sent to D-Lot.. and made to take philosophy classes and stuff, and then assigned a task to earn your way back into the open network.. but.. :) it will be worth it, because your task and your course assigment will remedy the root cause of the issue that created your emotional blow out- which caused you to be behave badly, (and not like your true nature!) its okay, we all do it sometimes, but each time- what is important- is we remember, and learn. Too often and the results are everywhere, nobody takes the time to learn. The rest is well just look around you or at yourself.

I am offering tools inside the network as well- for your intellectual and functional enrichment- we will have classes offered on some topics- not as many initially- but when more of the content experts and teachers and so on, educators- etc start making their home in the network and on it- the possibilities are going to be mind boggling for you to see..

Also I want to make something clear- if I swear in this blog- or any of my writings, don't take it all into your brain filters and respond the way you normally do or would. Guess what? I'm not talking about you, or speaking badly of something- so please just smile, and pause- think of someone you love, then someone you hate, and then think about loving that person you hate (eventually you will run out) and have to move onto re-polarizing other groups of things...

Every time we see a little something we dont quite like, if we can incrementally nudge it towards what we see- do it without hesitation.

The iron is only hot while you remember. . Notebooks and Sand Castles do not make it to the grave intact. Consider reading this, entertaining yourself, and joining us. :) Find the intake form or just express interest, and I'll add you to the list of mavericks and visionaries that dared to do something useful and collaborative- as a team- with no enemy- about bettering our world.

Together we join through the and “with our real eyes, real-ize, imagine new solutions to our collective human dreams.

—oh shit you thought i was done right? surprise! keep reading if you want to. :)

This guys testimony- which I didnt want to underscore- but i felt the semantics of all of the above are important, because I'd like this guy to help with the network, as long as he's not trying to buy it.

I will have to say this a lot so let me be very clear- the realized network or any part of it, is never for sale- ever. it's too big for that. the network is for all of humanity to freely participate in. You cannot buy that. Its an ideology, not a product. The ideology is the realized network is designed to function in accordance with natural principles found in nature, the way plants divide, form new cells- and stuff like that, grow roots- share nutrients, and together create an eco-system that sustains all life including their own, in the forest. That- is what we are building, and I will be your humble ship steward/captain/guide/until you get it, and remember you already know how to do this shit instinctually as a human being. The shades and colors by which various people remember however- is rather complex, and when we find a leak, we will spring it and present you the opportunity to learn and empower your perception- and be equipped to handle that without adversity in the future...

This is big stuff guys, but if Mr Kendall, wants to help with this, what I want is either brain support, advisory (but I will still divert to my own opinion always if i dont like or understand what someone means)– or a blank check kind of thing- not a blank check- but he wants to fund the thing in part or make a donation for server fees (right now i pay 360+ a month and about 4,000) a year for this, and nobody has offered to help with a single dime, instead the just ask for free tech support, or claim the website doesn't load- but i understand being the only one they can think of to help with that, and in fact am not even bothered by it at all.

But the network fixes that- because you can ask ! or you can ask a specific place in the network where you just ask nagging questions and wait for answers.

etc etc.

This is the official Logo of the realized network. v1. i will create additional logo synergists as needed- but this is a very important symbol. get used to it, you will see it everywhere. it represents the unification of plasma condensate- the stuff that comes out of the earth that becomes aether- and you cannot “see” so much well erm, yeah but erm “cant see it ” nope nope, and the rest is for the advanced class as you go it would mind fuck you to un-imaginable proportions and go against the code of natural law, and sworn moral imperative responsibility- to tell you more if you were not ready to hear it.

but the logo is equally as important as the true meaning of the word virtruvius, vitruvian, virtue, virtual, conceptual, intellectual, and a great many other stupidly important, inter-correlated- —-and largely hidden concepts. that edict the motion of your life without you even having a clue it is happening, or little clue to the deeper functionality of the thing. I got you on that. Its what I came into this world and have been training for the last 38 years for.

understanding what the logo means in practice and practical APPLICATION is

of great importance to your functionality to success in a fully integral adsertorium that is a threat to no established doctrine of order- in fact, a great many social issues will be solved by the realized network, and it is again important to stress i am not anti government, i am pro efficiency, and anti stupidity. in other words, the simplest and most effective solution that harms no one is the best solution. If it does not meet those minimum criteria of being efficient, and not harmful in any way, then it is not a solution and should ont be offered.that being said, the govt was not designed to scale to complex life needs in the 21st century, so i expect them to watch from a distance curiously and be hoping that this solves a lot of the shit they have to write psychological operations to have a brief functional window to evaluate the effectiveness of with say- a training exercise- or having to foil a major news story by creating a diversion-

all of these things would annoy anyone- and the things they try to get done in secret they find important, are then things we collectively as an open world can have an interactive dialogue around, things they would otherwise not have an opportunity to poll the public about- say someone in the house of representatives wants to know how someone in kansas in a particular demographic feels about an issue they are discussing with their benchmate, who happens to have influence in that area. The two men are trying to decide upon the effectiveness of what seems like a simple plan, but the problem? They don't have access to anyone in kansas, to ask- without going to considerable length of time for a person this busy, even though it's their job- it does not fit into the schedule and expectations of a senator, so it will never happen, and if the aide doesn't understand the point- it will be forgotten or not as effective.

as many great voices of our contemporary time leading the way to self empowerment in various realms of the human experience such as john styn, or arie moyal, who have both been working tirelessly to promote a message of self acceptance and self love- john in a great many ways through the arts and organizing various events in part or whole, and creating an iconified brand by which to make the message memorable- and Arie- with a really fantastic thing he calls “The Hug Train.” It ....goes on tour.. and people are given the opportunity to know where he is next, on a schedule he keeps when the event has the funding to proceed (ie – his train ticket and lodging), then he goes to the location, makes new friends along the way, and the entire thing is about self acceptance and self love, self care- its really beautiful. He has a website for it, and a facebook presence as well. John Styn is “everywhere” as the name “John Halcyon Styn” – you can find a lot of video on youtube of various kinds of talks,

but the point -

is we human animals learn by emulation- and even watching one or two videos from someone like this, or reading an article say by an author working to enhance the public dialogue about self-actualization through intelligent and intentional growth- with the discipline to integrate a structure and avoid logic pitfalls- and actually once you start learning this stuff- you will wonder how you lived life up until this point. The kind of information I am sitting on has been everywhere forever, but it's hard to understand because of this- it's everywhere. Only pattern people can synthesize this kind of stuff, and I've never met anyone looking at it exactly how I have, so I have a moral imperative to not shut up, and continue working at something that is undefined, yet trust it to unfold from all angles as I go, every day it is different – in real time. but if you watch a john video, or read an article by bernhard- or read an article by say-

with tools i'm designing to reverse engineer the perceptual disparity between the peoples expectations

should you decide to make your life one you live for yourself and to help others as you wish in your hearts desires to do so.

insert some pause for snacks and chocolate here, coffee i roasted and a bananna. if you haven't tried [](] yet (its a website you can go to, where i put a web store you can browse pictures and descriptions and flavors in the coffee how it will taste, see which flavors are the strongest by a easy picture to look at (big words are biggest flavors), buy coffee i roast) to support all these dreams.. its delicious,....... and the reason its expensive is the farmers are paid more than the 40-60 cents per pound the star bucks empire pays the farmers they are working into the grave, so they can do things like build schools and care medically for their villages- generally improving the quality of life, and bridging the gap of inequity between the bank cartel and equity mob steered commodities market for coffee, of which the theft and swap over was done roughly between 1968-1971- when ICE decided to fund with various global power banks, and then it went bad. Coffee farmers in the 1950s could expect roughly 60-70 cents on a very strong year, and roughly 38-58 cents, with the median being roughly 55.5 cents. +–. that is inflation un-adjusted. take that, and look carefully at that 60 cent pound in the year 2020, and understand the price of coffee has been hidden from you, and mine is more accurate- true, i get the money instead of the farmer, but the company im working with already pays them a fair inflation adjusted wage. so i take that extra, and pay for part of the web server cost each month (350+– US dollars) when you buy coffee, so we can keep the flame alive on this fixing all of humanities problems thing.. which by the way, is my job, since all the other jobs i do fit inside of that umbrella...

so buy some damn coffee, i know you drink it anyway, and it really is delicious and you support all this.
Okay so it's real important you read this because we don't have that many honest and open people willing to push things into an actionable process and dialogue- and perhaps, I can work with this man in some capacity and have him assist with places I get stuck while engineering the-realized-network. . . [ This is a conversation , imagine it is being spoken ] I don't write like a text book unless its for replicating a design.... So also this article is blended, and covers multiple topics seamlessly- and if you are not used to that, it may seem confusing- get used to it. The reason it's confusing is you feel your time is limited, and trusting your using it wisely by reading this- is difficult. because you dont know me, and you wont see an immediate point after having read this. and time is important beause its your life, and because you have to spend so damn much of it at work. I'm trying to fix all that, and build something so damn big it includes everyone who wants to be a part of it, and contribute, participate and help others- and I have imagined a lot of ways so far.. and more to come..

I want you to have a better life. The best damn life you are capable of dreaming . Except you get to live it. I know very very talented, powerful people. Together-? We are changing the world right now, and I've started the ball off rolling. Now either you get it, and join me- or you will eventually- I am on team earth, and team human- and I don't pick sides ever, or do petty shit. Just the golden rule, son. Join the realized-network

which, if you are new here- is a meta modular network designed to be “your portal” but also you can very easily make use of the rest of the web from inside it, or aggregate it in very very unique ways, along side full granular control of all frequency and type of advertisements, or even a simple “off” – switch for everything.

You can donate to the growth of the network by helping to pay for the operation of the web-server by doing this, making a direct private donation, or buying original acrylic paintings @18percentgrey on Instagram, or contracting graphic design or video editing or photo editing work (there are some extremely basic samples here, – or if you're looking at any of my sites- they're all built by me- same with the graphics- all of it- so if you saw something, or you see it in your mind -

I can ** create ** it if you can describe it.....

Or by enjoying and listening to and buying my original music, there are a few I am missing, having me solve a problem for you by visiting or by buying https://UncleJohns.Coffee ~ which I roast myself...

Ok and now that a word from your humble engineer, burning man person, and general fucking tinkerer of life, dinosaur and cat herder, and encyclopedia of weird facts, and useful information, indicies and other such things- If you haven't tried taking me seriously and putting me to task, it's fun- I highly recommend it. I enjoy nothing more than helping someone by solving a puzzle for them (to them its a problem to me a puzzle and fun)

—> but now that your humble engineer is done and over with promoting the things he's passionate about (some of them) which by the way are all for other people to make them happier or realize more pieces of themselves. > Because if I told you how simple life was you'd either kill me, laugh, or not understand it- because if you get it you just dont talk about it...

You have to arrive there on your own- and once you're there you are there. But the stuff I make is to assist you on your way to the destination. :D Which by the way is heaven on earth. You don't have to die or have your ears ring, and become a vegan playing with feathers and crystal bowls and be poly-amorous and drink ayhuasca to become enlightened- fuck that ascension crap. But, if you don't fuck it up and this is not advice, I read the ahyuasca is pretty interesting, and can say a great many visionary and lasting doorways opened for me when I was humbly entrusting myself to the custodianship of “the fates” and nestled in the quantum infinity of Dimethyl-Tryptamine- a compound that naturally occurs in all living things on planet earth – ALL of them. and is release while you sleep, while you dream while you are born and when you die.

To see into that, while alive, and get sent back with the .... data.. which is purely indescribable, by the way- is to be activated and sent back in a sense, with more data layers running in your internal map than before. Not that you get overwhelmed, but the character and quality of the life you live becomes infinitely richer once you wake up and understand what the fuck happened to you , and you can begin to grow into it, slowly- over time.

Psychedelics used correctly are no joke- look at watson and crick- and the discovery of dna, or countless other examples. I guess I'm no different in that it definitely is something I would not take back at any cost, and it has irrevocably altered the way I am able to “see whatever I want” to explore it, without having to ever lift a finger to create it. That, is what it unlocks. And if you like something enough, you can freeze it, build it expand it and put it into physical form......

oops , I got passionate. ;–) Not sorry though. It is important to be yourself! Make shit happen, dont just settle for living, make shit you want to happen happen.

A few weeks ago I pitched a friend internally (and may have fucked up and sent a wrong link because I did not hear from her) – about starting a social network as a continuity of ACTION in the real world- heart felt action- using the skills we learned at burning man together. to fix the default world. and apply the 10 principles. like we did in katrina- leaving the burn. and sacrificing that- to build relief structures, erect radio comms and rescue relief command teams, and things of that nature.

Burners without borders did more for katrina relief than the us govt. There, I said it and it is no negative refelection on the us govt either guys- it is a testament to team work and power of focused action in passion.

so instead of mourning burningman and infighting and playing around on facebook pretending your at the burn- and drinking too much by yourself waking up in pizza,

I wanted to register – as in motivate burners to show the default world some humanistic change but focused-

which brings me to wanting to start and integrate

inside of the realized :D

(and i will..)

why dont we ... you know. show the rest of the fucking world what burners can do when we are tasked with real world problems, and just form groups and fix them. i own and am working on software design for it (and need help writing it) because the data architecture needs to be siloed in such a way it remains independent from php/mysql/other web tech- and basically gets to do what LaTeX does, but as a series of websites- with easy human readable naming conventions- so like say that facebook, twitter, all that shit just poof! and my network happens to be running.. how this works i cant predict but lets just say. if you can remember or any other name in the network thats memorable (there are a lot)– and this is the point. the internet shouldnt need a search engine- it should be intentionally designed after natural language conventions for navigation- like a conversation, or dialogue in your head flows. but a silent one, with your keyboard. and this is not revolutionary thinking, either- except that it has not been done yet.

But I'm doing it now, and want you to join me. This isn't for me, it's for you, and everyone. Even if they don't build anything for it- All humans are welcome to be members as long as they follow the golden rule. We do have a D lot planned for profiles that mis-behave, and they will have to ultimately take some philosophy and morality courses offered through to remediate their core level functionality, and then they may re-integrate into the network- after showing they completed the course work by demonstrating a problem solving challenge- something that we cue up in the network off one of our plan-hub boards or other project initiatives- and then they earn their way back into the network by doing a good deed- and hopefully learning to facet off that part of their personality by changing it into permanent growth.

so theres neat stuff planned, and we should talk if you want to build or be a part. there are roles for every one. break out your imagination sleep on it and then call or email me. and subscribe to this blog all the way at the bottom, or bookmark https://follow-the-link/to-omars-writing

by the way, re re Oct 1st, facebook and all that-

go join mytribes now.. (thats my tribes dot net- as in my people, my family my friends MY TRIBE. but you have more than one and or more than one social circle, you have – mytribes. and its a network of people so i picked the .net mytribes network- the network of my tribes.

i know you get this but im saying it that way so you can memorize it after reading that twice through.

i built it fully knowing this and worse was coming, and have been prepped internally since 2010 for it, but well- just ... join the fucking site, and stop bitching facebook sucks- download your data from facebook, and say goodbye. or just wait to see how weird it gets but dont forget about your mytribes profile... because i dont have the fucking money to throw at you for advertising and dont believe in doing that bullshit anyway.

Thank you, Chairpersons Pallone and Schakowsky, for inviting me to speak today.When I started working in technology, my hope was to build products that brought people together in new and productive ways. I wanted to improve the world we all lived in.

Instead, the social media services that I and others have built over the past 15 years have served to tear people apart with alarming speed and intensity.

At the very least, we have eroded our collective understanding—at worst, I fear we are pushing ourselves to the brink of a civil war.

I feel ashamed by this outcome. And I am deeply concerned.

And to that end, I am compelled to talk to you about what we can do to limit further damage—and maybe even undo some of it.

** My path in technology started at Facebook where I was the first Director of Monetization. **

I thought my job was to figure out the business model for the company, and presumably one that sought to balance the needs of its stakeholders — its advertisers, its users and its employees.

Instead, we sought to mine as much attention as humanly possible and turn into historically unprecedented profits.To do this, we didn’t simply create something useful and fun. We took a page from Big Tobacco’s playbook, working to make our offering addictive at the outset.Tobacco companies initially just sought to make nicotine more potent. But eventually that wasn’t enough to grow the business as fast as they wanted. And so they added sugar and menthol to cigarettes so you could hold the smoke in your lungs for longer periods. At Facebook, we added status updates, photo tagging, and likes, which made status and reputation primary and laid the groundwork for a teenage mental health crisis.Allowing for misinformation, conspiracy theories, and fake news to flourish were like Big Tobacco’s bronchodilators, which allowed the cigarette smoke to cover more surface area of the lungs. But that incendiary content alone wasn’t enough. To continue to grow the user base and in particular, the amount of time and attention users would surrender to Facebook, they needed more.Tobacco companies added ammonia to cigarettes to increase the speed with which nicotine traveled to the brain. Extreme, incendiary content—think shocking images, graphic videos, and headlines that incite outrage—sowed tribalism and division. And this result has been unprecedented engagement — and profits. Facebook’s ability to deliver this incendiary content to the right person, at the right time, in the exact right way... that is their ammonia. Social media preys on the most primal parts of your brain. The algorithm maximizes your attention by hitting you repeatedly with content that triggers your strongest emotions— it aims to provoke, shock, and enrage.When you see something you agree with, you feel compelled to defend it. When you see something you don’t agree with, you feel compelled to attack it. People on the other side of the issue have the same impulses. The cycle continues with the algorithm in the middle happily dealing arms to both sides in an endless war of words and misinformation. All the while, the technology is getting smarter and better at provoking a response from you.These algorithms have brought out the worst in us. They’ve literally rewired our brains so that we’re detached from reality and immersed in tribalism.This is not by accident.

It’s an algorithmically optimized playbook to maximize user attention — and profits.And there are limited checks and balances.In 2016, internal analysis at Facebook found 64% of all extremist group joins were due to their own recommendation tools. Yet repeated attempts to counteract this problem were ignored or shut down.As you know, Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act shields Internet companies from liability for third-party content. I can think of few industries that enjoy such broad immunity and none that have profited so greatly from this lack of basic regulation. I’m not a lawyer or legislator but I can't imagine where we'd be if we hadn't held tobacco companies accountable for making so many people sick. And yet, that is what we have allowed these companies to do. It has to change.When it comes to misinformation, these companies hide behind the First Amendment and say they stand for free speech. At the same time, their algorithms continually choose whose voice is actually heard. In truth, it is not free speech they revere. Instead, Facebook and their cohorts worship at the altar of engagement and cast all other concerns aside, raising the voices of division, anger, hate and misinformation to drown out the voices of truth, justice, morality, and peace.

When it comes to spreading extremist views and propaganda, these services have content moderation tools—but the tools can never seem to keep up, despite these companies having billions of dollars at their disposal.Without accountability for the platforms, we can only expect the problem to continue and get worse.As these platforms continue to addict us and make us more vulnerable, we are going to get more depressed and anxious. Our judgement will continue to weaken and our susceptibility to radicalization will only increase.

A Princeton study found that watching 2 minutes of a conspiracy theory video can make people less willing to help others and reduces their belief in established scientific facts.On a personal level, I’m aware that I’ve benefited from these addictive business models and this deepens my sense of responsibility for where we are and my sense of obligation to help us improve things.

I am not sure I could have ever known at the time where the work that I contributed to would lead. But for my role, I do bear some responsibility. And I regret that. philo the topic blog link to his effort publish blog on linked in——

core principles of what makes an event attractive to a person hosting it and what they would get both image and goods or ++biz etc

One thing I can do now, however, is what I am doing: dedicate all my time and resources to undo as much damage as I can.

To be clear, social media is not the root cause of every problem we’re facing.

But I believe it may be the most powerful accelerant in history.These services are making us sick. These services are dividing us. It’s time we take account of the damage. It’s time we put in place the necessary measures to protect ourselves—and our country.