“The Sky's The Limit” – No, it's Not.

I feel the expression, “the sky's the limit” makes people lazy.

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I may be entirely wrong but here's my thinking: it sets up the expectation that nothing needs to be done, but simultaneously given the context it is commonly used – also implies no action is required, and to just “sit back and relax, and everything is going to be handled, and is okay.” Now, maybe I am just seeing a mirage, but this feels too eerily similar to our contemporary state of perceived and semblanced social affairs..

But as a social and cultural assuage, it's definitely not a good way to be, this “sky is the limit” thing.. On one hand it is great initially if you get the rest of the lesson, which is “the sky's the limit, you can do anything you set your mind, heart, emotions, actions, and dedicate actual energy, and manipulate into phyical creation, form and shape- manipulate- create- whatever.

You have to make stuff to make stuff, otherwise you are given it as a gift, or you buy it- but the last one is un-natural, and arguably while it is very standard, it creates functional problems in the way things flow through the universe, -


That is really really not the point right now, although we could talk about that until our hair falls out, that still wouldn't * solve * it- and would just fit under what intellectuals call “confirmation bias.”

No, my life is more interesting than that, and involves collectively dreaming and connecting people to the solutions that we need as a global population and species... To evolve safely.

Within the confines of our existing parameters, but to imagine new systems with parts and pieces and methods and materials that didn't exist, but also the ones that did too, and without creating un-needed catacalysm to existing systems, etc. There is no easy way to describe my process. But, I assure you if we stop trying to kill each other, and get each-other in trouble over not wearing masks, and other stuff,

We can get through this intelligently as a species, but things have to be done differently than they are now . .

I am also, not in opposition to any existing large and powerful forces out there, in fact- I am trying to solve a lot of the problems your systems create, without “usurping” your sense of power, and position of station in the world. I know who you are.

I have a tremendous sense of respect for what you have done- the systems in place are absolutely dazzling. I also understand because you fucked up the education system, most of the people who are adults right now reading this think you are their enemy. Either you did this on purpose, or not- but it's pretty interesting where that currently sits- nothing implied other than a situational awareness that would make most people implode.

But, that's all meaningless, really.

Back to your systems- most of them work pretty damn well, but they're not perfect, and some of them cause a great many issues, and that sucks. Also, hows it going on Mars? Don't worry- i won't talk much about that project. even if they understood the sun “simulator” was actually a diffusive gradient as a means to colonization- ........ they still wouldn't be able to visualize it.

because that's not where most of them are at, and you know it- and now they're all here, and stupid, but they mean well- and now the problem extantly is “what do we do?” well- you dont kill them, and they're not your responsibility- but the problems you created and formed into their lives because of the limited subset of knowledge and operational to do you gave them access to, has fucked them- systematically . either by accident or on purpose, people are pretty “stupid” or gullible, or sway-able or move-able in large numbers in ways they shouldn't be- because their primal fears are heightened, and everyone feels a perceived..

need to be on alert. Could it be that mom and dad are finally showing themselves they may not always be home, and your primal fear of ....

not knowing how to provide for your basic human needs...

flares up, and that is either enough for you to do something about it, and empower yourself with KNOWLEDGE you can use to take care of yourself, wipe your own ass without a grocery store, find a meal or grow it out of the ground yourself so you don't die, and can sit around with other humans laughing, playing in the dirt, chasing eachother around, and mating, and working with others to negotiate shelter and so on. This is what we call life.

this crazy shit we have right now with movies and million dollar cars and beyonce fantasm? thats some kind of fucking theatre production, not life. Life is the paragraph above. anyway...

most of us never get to really think deeply and feel this,

cause make most of the world think you're trying to eat them every day of their lives, but the truth is most of the time you're just trying to get enough paper to eat so you dont get eaten or spit out of your box you pay to sleep in, alone..

And rather than be a big failure, and get mad when you see people try to do things that fix things that you perceive as a threat and throw visionaries in jail etc- well this is different, because I am not trying to get rid of you ( you were leaving anyway , ) but I'm not trying to move in. I have zero dreams of being a dictator or a cult leader or anything even remotely resembling that.

My biggest dream is to see people have a willingness to, and actually adopt my ideas, and watch as they improve peoples lives.

I know they will work, most of them are so simple it would be impossible not to have them work.

Also, sometimes I have to design something to reverse initially the damage or mis-align-ment caused by an existing Mal-adaptive system- those ones look messier, but then after the rectification in design and output, things can become simple again and efficient once more.

Also, while I am a firm believer in fluidity of action, I am not the guy who is going to sign petitions and eat a pot brownie on the court house steps while CNN interviews him. That is reactive stupidity. Its technically ignorance, but it is choosing to perform an action (go to court house use my energy bring my resources to) put on a mini theatre show for whomever is there but in my head im acting out a theatre drama wherein i am confronting the source of my problem, and playing out my therapy in public on the world stage for all to see- and while this is exactly the same pyschological mechanism that plays out when one attends a protest-

it is the psychological cleansing, the possibility of that dialogue being able to be decompressed, that is the enticement to attend and protest. during the protest, it is disorienting- not only because of the throngs of sweaty noisy empassioned people doing the same thing- but because you can barely make your way through the sea of it all — because you can barely hear anything other than the blood ripping and thrapping against the innards of your ear cartlididge.....

its that kind of thing- its a primal wiring, extravaganza. the entire time. 1000 miles an hour. Full on. Then you get tired, find food, and either go back or go home. And nobody was actually addressed but you, and the others – and maybe you feel better, but odds are you finally noticed how pissed you were for the first time – but you're still lost. a protest is not a solution. in fact a protest isn't even useful, or efficient- it's exhausting and stupid. because

what did you get out of it? nothing. you may have signed a paper somewhere on a clip board, but thats just a stealth data collection mechanism to keep track of everyone brazen enough to announce on record that they were there....

life is complicated. talk later.

I'm the guy that is planning the stop-gaps that fix your system so that day on the court house steps never has to occur.

Lets work together, or just at the minimum, please continue to stay the fuck out of my way. I'm not against you guys, and I hope by now that's obvious. :)

. the status quo exists because that infrastructure, and those systems were entirely created for you. if you already realize this, my apologies- this article is not for you. This is something actually a great deal of people don't think about, or have never considered- so it's thus important.

What I'm saying is, if you've never actually thought about how you would survive on a day to day basis, if say- there wasn't a garbage man- or more realistically, if the stores you bought food from within a 15 mile radius of you all went out of business, because you happened to live on the outskirts of some remote-ish- but not economically booming area- and now it's october 2021- and your town basically has fallen apart, or most have moved away.

  1. What do you do? Clearly quality of life is going to suffer somehow, but you're there for some reason- maybe a house, animals, a kid who is ill, whatever the reason- you need to be living there is, the keys to doing so anywhere are not that difficult, and admittedly as postured within ** HIS ** own life, within the framework of all this – yeah I go to the store. I have about a years worth of dried food of 20 or so different kinds- that I need just add enough heat and water to, or time and water to with a little sunlight- and i will be able to eat, and drink and sustain myself.
  2. That's not terribly exciting, but should it ever come to be useful, it is a great deal more exciting of a prospect than UN-necessary starvation from resource miss-management in what we are beginning to see as a more permanently-evident transitional period in what is – if i am correct- the beginning of a distinguishable transition in modes and methods, fro a brick and mortar capitalist bonanza (unchecked from 1913 to 2020), and the subject of another article- would be the 'round table' meetings of the 1890s- but without getting into highly debatable esoteric social planning history of the last 140 years or so, lets just stop here for now.
  3. Because the whole point is self reliance is important. ** What would you do and live as, if the stuff you were able to buy went away, or in part went away? **

Have a great evening :D

The Sky is not the limit, but get to work- there is much to be done.