the golden rule of enchiladas.

well, obviously i will have to address this properly later, but right now there are enchiladas waiting for me. round deux, family platter. from earlier. so much yum. #cheese.

also, here is my last official “work” announcement of the day.

it's about human conduct, and i honestly and factually have absolutely —zero— idea how this will play out, but it will be interesting, and I am sure it will teach me a lot. Hopefully not just me.


Here are my brief thoughts before I noticed it was time to eat by the clock.



photo from: try not to drool, this is ridiculous food blog level goodness.


so if a post is troubling, and problematic, don't just post it. it creates un-necessary pain and suffering for people. instead, post it, and then write about it, but instead- focus on what you'd rather see. this site is meant to be transformational.

We don't need people adding to the psychic load of feeling bad about a thing- that doesn't ever solve the problem, but if you're at that stage of grief or reconciliation with reality, then it is not your time to contribute- just stay as a member, you are welcome- and contribute if you ever feel drawn or called to.

There is space here at for everyone, as long as they are respectful towards eachother, and do not disobey the golden rule. If you do, you'll be warned , and eventually find yourself with a suspended account, and assigned reading in the site wiki- based on the natural law you violated repeatedly- so you can empower yourself with perspective.

This is not something I hope to have to do, but it will happen eventually, and I don't know how it will go, but it won't be ridiculously hard, and it will be designed not as punishment, but as teaching- because when a friend messes up , and the one friend pulls them aside and gives them a helpful pointer, this is the same kind of idea, and i really welcome and encourage your feedback of how to emulate this in a useful and constructive manner, without making it feel un-necessary or not use-ful.

Even if you can help someone make one little change sometimes it is the beginning of the thing that catalyzes their curiosity to empower the rest of their lives. You never know... You really don't, so you have to be open to trying- but you also really need to be respectful. I keep learning that, in different ways, and it's fascinating.

Because being respectful, is at the fore-front of my mind, however at times-

Eh- like I said, I mean to be, but nobody is perfect , we are all arriving, somewhere, while standing in place, but -eh ! now it is dinner time.

The enchiladas call my name softly, I can hear them asking for more habanero hot sauce from the “WhirlPool.” It will be a good time. A movie will be served, and there will be a cookie for desert.