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photo credit: (denisyuk at the vavilov optical state institute, 1966)– photo via Academician.

Yuri N. Denisyuk and a number of his colleagues [27-31] developed what is known as the TIW hologram, and is a rather.. “dynamic hologram of the traveling intensity waves” (TIW) – is a unique hologram.

We emphasize that in fact it is a unique (and little known to the wider circle of specialists) property of holography – its ability to record light holograms directly within light itself, as well as the reconstruction of “light” holograms (from light structures) in a form of the new light structures.

It is crucial to note that this process which represents a complex interference of light waves cannot be observed directly optically (by a human eye). And, perhaps, that’s why this process has never drawn any attention. However, the phenomenon of generation and operation of traveling waves of intensity (TIW) holograms, discovered by Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Yury Denisyuk, actually known since 1974, was repeatedly proved by special experiments, as well as a variety of relevant works and mathematical calculations [27].

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