copper. cooperates. combines. brings flow through/flow(s) through.. >> – ~ )!( ~ << and and its di-pole is iron. this is why copper is not really magnetic. It's a vehicle.

Magnets are angle guides (wave guides, parts of the geometry, insert hippie words for energy here if you wish), or advanced engineering ones, but this is true of and for nearly all electrical assemlages, both man made and natural. Unless you go under -280 or so Kelvin ,

then this is a new world and expect mostly the inverse of the inverse of what you know, and then therein respect and marvel in the observation of the actual physical interplay of earths stuffs...

She never stops, you know. She never stops iterating her design.

there's iron in it, it's ironic- you see? (it didn't quite all happen.)

the human animus defines boundary conditions in language, and calls them polarities.

They're lines on the edge of a plane, inside a box- which only describes a small aspect of what's inside the whole “thing”.

That's where peoples heads kind of explode, so back to copper and iron.

Each element on earth has a pair, which it gradients against inside the human body using electricity, and plasma, and salt- and water- to carry your stuff ya eat- the vitamin goodies ——– into you where ya need them.

Copper and Iron are a pair. Calcium and Potassium are also a pair. You will find a lot of paired ones in processed foods, otherwise there's no point in even adding one without the other – the body won't really understand it; Day to day if you ate like that. This leads us to spices, but that is another day, another place, and a bigger project slice. Don't think you have to read all these how I'm doing them.

I am writing books, I'm not an asshole, I just want to get you excited and share large parts of what I am doing for free, so you can get to know what you really are buying a book about-

when it's done, and that way you can actually place long term value on it. :) “long term” ha ha ha stupidly silly, words :D


cooperation, copper and at set human ions. i am on it, i am cooperating, sure as shooting I've got this squared away on all four legs.

I will continue to elucidate little metaphysical bird droppings like this as we go. I am writing a book on cosmology.

its a new kind.

functional cosmology.

unless thats already a thing, then its still going to be worth reading. (probably.)

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