Space between notes and notes

the kid learning saxaphone and doing quite well at it- right now duke ellington's – 'it's a wonderful world, earlier bossa nova.”

i need to like figure out who this guy is, and give him something. brightens the shiniest spot on already saturated emulsion of life, bringing it- not down, different or any change- but as if the very thing music does for us is

bring definition to the space inbetween the space when the notes hit, and we associate our worlds with that [complex emotional biochemical amalgam]

and well yeah, this started as a poem

and i have lately been messing with different kinds of writing, because i realize there is no point in restraint unless for context or manners,

life is so complicated and simple – and i have missed out on sharing and articulating so much,

due to my life circumstances in general, and then all of those ones that i never mention, because i respect the people involved,

although it sucked and definitely altered my course of expression and time-tables for goals,

and for the time spent living through things i didn't ask for or directly affect, or even secondarily ask for – all that **** takes time to kill off, sort out, make peace with, learn to love, see as a tool, or make it permanently go away without harming it.

By the way, kill off meaning disassemble the conditionality by which it exists in your space and bothers you, not actually physically injuring something.

Important distinction as a writer, and more or less literalist, living in a world of figurative people, the blending is hard and i have to be careful with writing,

because i don't like to waste my time living inside metaphors (one cannot al-chemically raw dog life living inside abstract reality)

my actions are very simple to keep the whole of my experience as close to 1:1 as possible, (and i realize none of this makes sense unless you know things, and I do write for multiple audiences within the same article even, sometimes and usually) so either by now you're used to that, or its confusing, and hope this helps.) just read dont think. and stop when you feel done. this isnt arranged like documents you're used to. or the rest of this blog....or anything i do.....

these are the words of a free thinker...

but when the words go on the page to describe, it gets complicated because while i see directly and act directly, most people understand by metaphor only, and havent actually the skill to imagine the thing and do it themselves.

which is strange? and interesting? and i am just learning about the way this actually is experienced, by asking people about it and listening to their stories.

its a brand new thing, and i am not prepared to write about it past that, but it is very very interesting and valuable (in terms of understanding others, not $) and the world at large in respectful situa to the aforementioned. :)

ok! ive got like 3 other blogs to find from before i needed to reboot i wrote earlier today and look please for those (why doesnt anyone subscribe by email? ) i get the idea nobody uses email. can we get some clarification to me on that ? thanks :) here at the bottom is a feedback link for you, after reading this- if you have anything to share, perhaps a small story that you think would make me a better person to hear, or an article related to this, or whatever is constructive. thanks! :)

the author

surfing the wave, eventually you can ride the top of it, and choose where to get off, float and swim, but we are just getting to that area , and it feels like i've had to kill 1,000 million ideological monsters and problems to get here. and some of the motherfuckers keep trying to get me,. haha. but i think, that is why it is funny that life is iterative. we keep trying things until we get the needed result.

but back to that poem

to be quite literal theres a kid or man or woman that lives here (but it sounds like a man from the playing style) – a saxaphonist. new. but very skillful in actually articulating the timing, the pentameter of expession – of notes.

which is a rare skill for a musician. period. it means he can hear the music for itself, not for what his brain or her brain makes it out to be..

puffing notes out across the space, makes me feel as thought i am lacking a bit in grace, whilst i play, listen to- and adsorb- sonically my breaks, bass, trance and drums, what new bio-chemical-mind-machines are made listening to components seperately, instead of the whole of a sonorosity, and does one ponder in ab-stract-ion ?

drum and bass, breaks glitch and man, now its time to listen to some classical music or something.

have a good day? i hope!

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