++Signal Boost: Important Stuff: Feeding Our Homeless


Help Miles in San Francisco eat! Details in the blog post above, and one image only, this one- the rest is text, and one link to donate.

Also, this is a fantastic time to let you know about this thing being worked on over here yonder- called careconnect.me .. in case anyone is interested in helping, or should know about it- like Stephanie Ross, for example.

You will be able to donate to people and see their profiles and read about them, and place a donation to a coordinator. .

alt txt “Imagination – by Denpong Wongserat.” 2009 – Hong Kong Metropolitan Museum of Art- Permanent Collection – Thai Artists.

Who is a person like you or I just trying to help out and do good. The website will be simple, clean and not high tech, and easy to operate.

It will have pictures, and dates of donations, and 3-4 or maybe up to 10 if they really feel like it, minute long interview clips.

But please, think of it as giving them a voice to the digital world, because that is really the point as well as getting them clothed, fed and warm at night. The point is to help start a dialogue with society, who can browse the site openly or start a coordinator profile to get involved with someone they have a relationship with or see in their community they be-friend or wish to aide.

The website like I said is going to be very straight forward, and not do a whole lot of stuff, but what it is designed to do, it will do reliably, and well.

The giving of a voice- to people who statistically have more internet access than say a remote area in africa, but far less opportunity -

*Because of the discrimination against them for being homeless, and often appearing to be mentally not all home.

Well, if you slept outside for more than a few weeks- you would probably be presenting exactly the same way.

But giving homeless humans a chance to communicate as humans, is very important, and I feel this has the capacity to do much good.

Also, a huge hat tip to Gary Warmerdam for planting the seed about 5 months back. :) Thanks bud. You're a Maverick, hopefully you, and your tribe are settling into some remote corner of the American Desert right now, wherever you are.

Forming a relationship of understanding with the people you are trying to help, if they are interested in the world is neat, right?

Think like a mini you*ube- but think a very tightly focused documentary in short segments they get to direct themselves, and talk in, etc- okay it is the same mechanism as youtube- but re-imagined for a functional utility, not entertainment. to not beat around the bush any longer. :)

and in real time, in the real world, in a very immediate sense-

They will be able to share videos with you and perspectives from their world.

This post is a re-written hasty of this post and a bi-lateral signal boost. :)