brain shards on the information stupid highway.

introducing a new social network for legal or recreational cannabis and hemp patients,

Because, there are no such things as strangers, just others you've not yet met...

Soon, (in about a week) will be live, and for now, you can join the official launch group at : : and then click on tribes” and or search with the octopus icon for cannabis and it will come up.

(yes the search icon is labelled “find” and it is the flying spaghetti monster...)

see you at

(also, i recently fixed a major weird thing about maybe not getting the site to load, please, try again, OR DON'T!) ;-P)

I love you all.

~ramo/db/ truly Omar.

=== +++ this is a safe, moderated privately funded and paid for and single owner (this website) space to discuss and learn about medical cannabis and its use +++ ===

(also, this entire website will NEVER be sold or transferred ownership of. and by ownership, I mean I am the man who waters the trees, prunes the bushes, pays 400 dollars month for the web-server, and stuff like that. your stuff is safe here. this is gift from me to the community.)

There will be a companion social network, that you may log onto with your username and password from, that I am in the process of building, so we can create as a group a truly magnificent show case of both discussion, peer reviewed medical literature, and useful guides for human beans that may be either new to cannabis, or have a question. ~~~ that website will be up and ready for you soon, and the social tribe at is ready now and available for you (in other words it is LIVE.  come join us and help another medical patient with their issue, patient to patient.  or just read stuff or chat with others in our chat room.  you can use your phone but your eyes will love how it looks on a laptop or tablet.  also it loads a lot faster on a laptop than a phone, so just know that.    RIGHT NOW, LIVE, READY TO GO, and uh- I'm the only one in the chat room... or the tribe so far, but i have invited a few of you Asha, Matt M, :)  , available at

I have questions about cannabis ALL the time, and I have been smoking for 16 years with specific medical intent.


(if you have difficulty finding the invite button please ask me i will help you ! )

group rules:

  • follow the golden rule: “do to others only as you wish for yourself.”
  • try to be helpful, if you have the time, know-how, and inclination.
  • do not rush, please take the time to check your spelling, and contribute something of some value, if you are writing a post.
  • this is not a group for memes with pictures of weed. We can create that separately quite easily or you can make a meme group!

This is a group recognizing and discussing the medicinal heath use and benefits in a constructive, fact based, and personal manner.
Its important to combine both personal experience, and known science- with the opinion of friends as things to consider in learning what works best for you. Please let me know how I can make this group work for you, or make it better ~ as the website operator, I really want to have this group be a success, and show the rest of the world that people who are medical cannabis patients are responsible, mentally capable adults, and not only that- but are no threat to the rest of the world. Furthermore, as medical cannabis patients, all we really want is to heal eventually, and feel good in the meantime, or at least be able to make it through the day.

If any of this sounds like you, join us and make yourself at home- I love you. I'm rooting for you. We're all humans, and we all have a need to improve our lives.
Lets work together on this and see how much better we can be as a team, and what good we can bring to the world- in the modern education of our friends, family members, spouses or others important to us, and in the helping of each-other, to just freakin' feel – DECENTLY human, for the day. Life can suck a lot, cannabis used properly can actually help a human beings health along in ways that are simply un-imaginable until experienced if necessary.

Join us. Lets do good work together and do a lot of helpful good things for the people we care about and the plant in her many forms that helps us continue our lives on this earth.
in humility, tears, strength, team work and gratitude,
Ramo Rema / Ramon
doctor beans-


If you are a credential holding doctor, please make it known in your comments- otherwise it is assumed all members of this group are card carrying legal cannabis patients in their location of residence, and furthermore- any information generated in this group (information meaning words, media, images, discussion, etc- all media generated by this group)-

oh there is also a share button.

it works for pinterest, facebook

and twitter. lmk if you cannot find it,

and need to share something. :)

(you can also look up and just copy the link.)
your friend will need to join mytribes to see our group here though and participate.
is free to of course be shared around the net as you feel a friend may benefit from it (theres a share button) twitter, fb, pinterest. :)

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copper. cooperates. combines. brings flow through/flow(s) through.. >> – ~ )!( ~ << and and its di-pole is iron. this is why copper is not really magnetic. It's a vehicle.

Magnets are angle guides (wave guides, parts of the geometry, insert hippie words for energy here if you wish), or advanced engineering ones, but this is true of and for nearly all electrical assemlages, both man made and natural. Unless you go under -280 or so Kelvin ,

then this is a new world and expect mostly the inverse of the inverse of what you know, and then therein respect and marvel in the observation of the actual physical interplay of earths stuffs...

She never stops, you know. She never stops iterating her design.

there's iron in it, it's ironic- you see? (it didn't quite all happen.)

the human animus defines boundary conditions in language, and calls them polarities.

They're lines on the edge of a plane, inside a box- which only describes a small aspect of what's inside the whole “thing”.

That's where peoples heads kind of explode, so back to copper and iron.

Each element on earth has a pair, which it gradients against inside the human body using electricity, and plasma, and salt- and water- to carry your stuff ya eat- the vitamin goodies ——– into you where ya need them.

Copper and Iron are a pair. Calcium and Potassium are also a pair. You will find a lot of paired ones in processed foods, otherwise there's no point in even adding one without the other – the body won't really understand it; Day to day if you ate like that. This leads us to spices, but that is another day, another place, and a bigger project slice. Don't think you have to read all these how I'm doing them.

I am writing books, I'm not an asshole, I just want to get you excited and share large parts of what I am doing for free, so you can get to know what you really are buying a book about-

when it's done, and that way you can actually place long term value on it. :) “long term” ha ha ha stupidly silly, words :D


cooperation, copper and at set human ions. i am on it, i am cooperating, sure as shooting I've got this squared away on all four legs.

I will continue to elucidate little metaphysical bird droppings like this as we go. I am writing a book on cosmology.

its a new kind.

functional cosmology.

unless thats already a thing, then its still going to be worth reading. (probably.)

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meaning the drugs dont make the art...the artist does. use your noggin.

.. – Omar

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ever consider those who take their health self-responsibly... may view you with your mask.. as either known sick, irreponsible, or a selfdoubtingthomas or jane?

What I mean is very simple.

fear or usng the better tool here,
being ...concern
goes both ways. .. – Omar

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totally forgot i put 12 tablets of hyland bioplasma cell salts, and 21 drops of iodine in my matcha tea, which is also cooled, after eating an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. oh the perks of being a hippie diet wise, sometimes. #fawk #wtfomfgblog

oh okay hey, so now that you're here- join the social network i've been spending the last few years working on. 2 years of testing software and the affect of different switches buttons layouts and details -

and how it makes it all change when people actually use it and experience it- as well as ways to minimize problems mostly UN-forseen- a resolution system back channel. thats being tested currently. then you factor in life experience as an observer, 20 years of meditating, 20 + years of not owning a tv or using one, and so on- i have a pretty unique world view, and i am very kind. but i have also broken a jaw to save my own life, so everything has measure and balance. lol. thats life man.

but you can go to and sign up now. free. no algorithm messing with your posts showing up. no algorithm messing with the posts at all, actually. also there are not software robot rabbits or little ai critters behind the scenes collecting the stuff that goes on inside the site, like you know- your data.

I am a huge advocate of humans moving peacefully and cooperatively about on the face of the earth, as long as their actions do not intend to harm other humans.

This is not that hard to understand in theory how this is a good idea, or sounds fucking lovely. Well, yeah, and then there are problems, of course. But then there's me, sitting here thinking about this- and seeing problems as integral functional strengths- and actual aspects that need to be considered and strongly supported in the design.

So, there's that. I'm not even attempting to reduce a total strategy, and the funny thing is- there is already so much more to this that you'd probably wonder if I'd really started on this 10 years ago, if I elucidated known cross correla- , so I'm going to just shut my mouth now. :)

For the “present” – time space density, and dimensional scale- that is, therein- thereof, what? ** More later. *

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this is from my personal archive, and is the only existing copy of this, so pardon that bit. “Waiting.” Taken Dec 2005 —Union Square— San Francisco, CA.

My two cents~ Everyone in this photo is waiting, including the people walking.. A most peculiar scene indeed.

perhaps I'll tell the story about this later.

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  • just some guy

the kid learning saxaphone and doing quite well at it- right now duke ellington's – 'it's a wonderful world, earlier bossa nova.”

i need to like figure out who this guy is, and give him something. brightens the shiniest spot on already saturated emulsion of life, bringing it- not down, different or any change- but as if the very thing music does for us is

bring definition to the space inbetween the space when the notes hit, and we associate our worlds with that [complex emotional biochemical amalgam]

and well yeah, this started as a poem

and i have lately been messing with different kinds of writing, because i realize there is no point in restraint unless for context or manners,

life is so complicated and simple – and i have missed out on sharing and articulating so much,

due to my life circumstances in general, and then all of those ones that i never mention, because i respect the people involved,

although it sucked and definitely altered my course of expression and time-tables for goals,

and for the time spent living through things i didn't ask for or directly affect, or even secondarily ask for – all that **** takes time to kill off, sort out, make peace with, learn to love, see as a tool, or make it permanently go away without harming it.

By the way, kill off meaning disassemble the conditionality by which it exists in your space and bothers you, not actually physically injuring something.

Important distinction as a writer, and more or less literalist, living in a world of figurative people, the blending is hard and i have to be careful with writing,

because i don't like to waste my time living inside metaphors (one cannot al-chemically raw dog life living inside abstract reality)

my actions are very simple to keep the whole of my experience as close to 1:1 as possible, (and i realize none of this makes sense unless you know things, and I do write for multiple audiences within the same article even, sometimes and usually) so either by now you're used to that, or its confusing, and hope this helps.) just read dont think. and stop when you feel done. this isnt arranged like documents you're used to. or the rest of this blog....or anything i do.....

these are the words of a free thinker...

but when the words go on the page to describe, it gets complicated because while i see directly and act directly, most people understand by metaphor only, and havent actually the skill to imagine the thing and do it themselves.

which is strange? and interesting? and i am just learning about the way this actually is experienced, by asking people about it and listening to their stories.

its a brand new thing, and i am not prepared to write about it past that, but it is very very interesting and valuable (in terms of understanding others, not $) and the world at large in respectful situa to the aforementioned. :)

ok! ive got like 3 other blogs to find from before i needed to reboot i wrote earlier today and look please for those (why doesnt anyone subscribe by email? ) i get the idea nobody uses email. can we get some clarification to me on that ? thanks :) here at the bottom is a feedback link for you, after reading this- if you have anything to share, perhaps a small story that you think would make me a better person to hear, or an article related to this, or whatever is constructive. thanks! :)

the author

surfing the wave, eventually you can ride the top of it, and choose where to get off, float and swim, but we are just getting to that area , and it feels like i've had to kill 1,000 million ideological monsters and problems to get here. and some of the motherfuckers keep trying to get me,. haha. but i think, that is why it is funny that life is iterative. we keep trying things until we get the needed result.

but back to that poem

to be quite literal theres a kid or man or woman that lives here (but it sounds like a man from the playing style) – a saxaphonist. new. but very skillful in actually articulating the timing, the pentameter of expession – of notes.

which is a rare skill for a musician. period. it means he can hear the music for itself, not for what his brain or her brain makes it out to be..

puffing notes out across the space, makes me feel as thought i am lacking a bit in grace, whilst i play, listen to- and adsorb- sonically my breaks, bass, trance and drums, what new bio-chemical-mind-machines are made listening to components seperately, instead of the whole of a sonorosity, and does one ponder in ab-stract-ion ?

drum and bass, breaks glitch and man, now its time to listen to some classical music or something.

have a good day? i hope!

do you have thoughts to share on the above? click

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“Horum te mori nemo coget, omnes docebunt; horum nemo annos tuos conteret, suos tibi contribuet; nullius ex his sermo periculosus erit, nullius amicitia capitalis, nullius sumptuosa obseruatio.”

No one of these will force you to die, but all will teach you how to die; no one of these will wear out your years, but each will add his own years to yours; conversations with no one of these will bring you peril, the friendship of none will endanger your life, the courting of none will tax your purse.

Sounds a lot like the theme of The Pink Floyd's “The Wall” Album..

Funny thing that, every person is able to make their own choices, and form them, from scratch, but most people just choose to react to things presented or forced upon them instead.

Funny thing, that we are taught to do that, instead of the making our own choices from scratch thing. There is a purpose to all of it, and this is not a negative statement. It's a descriptive statement. Characterizing. Anyhow,

Funny thing, that time is said to be invisible!?, and a non thing- that the space between is an illusion. Ha Ha.

Also funny thing, that- if its invisible, or an illusion- perhaps this means that when people say “we are all one” they are onto more than they understand, probably.

Also Also funny that, if the before two things are relative-istic-ally accurate in that 'moment' whatever the heck a moment is ~

oh yeah i actually wrote on paper about this recently, i was doing etymology stuff. I will have to fetch that at some point and 'digitize' it for inclusion here.

This is going somewhere else, but I am not ready to write it yet.

I have a website to finish coding for someone who will be very very excited to see it.
Off to have a procedural conversation with php.

Also, it would be interesting if someone could fill me in,

on why all the busts of Seneca the Younger look like he just received news he was going to be poisoned or impaled or something, I really need to refresh my memory on the historical record of this mans life later today.

If you know though off hand, email me:

click above to auto populate an email and just learn me about the thing briefly please ah ha! thank you. =] if not i will find out later.

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well, obviously i will have to address this properly later, but right now there are enchiladas waiting for me. round deux, family platter. from earlier. so much yum. #cheese.

also, here is my last official “work” announcement of the day.

it's about human conduct, and i honestly and factually have absolutely —zero— idea how this will play out, but it will be interesting, and I am sure it will teach me a lot. Hopefully not just me.


Here are my brief thoughts before I noticed it was time to eat by the clock.



photo from: try not to drool, this is ridiculous food blog level goodness.


so if a post is troubling, and problematic, don't just post it. it creates un-necessary pain and suffering for people. instead, post it, and then write about it, but instead- focus on what you'd rather see. this site is meant to be transformational.

We don't need people adding to the psychic load of feeling bad about a thing- that doesn't ever solve the problem, but if you're at that stage of grief or reconciliation with reality, then it is not your time to contribute- just stay as a member, you are welcome- and contribute if you ever feel drawn or called to.

There is space here at for everyone, as long as they are respectful towards eachother, and do not disobey the golden rule. If you do, you'll be warned , and eventually find yourself with a suspended account, and assigned reading in the site wiki- based on the natural law you violated repeatedly- so you can empower yourself with perspective.

This is not something I hope to have to do, but it will happen eventually, and I don't know how it will go, but it won't be ridiculously hard, and it will be designed not as punishment, but as teaching- because when a friend messes up , and the one friend pulls them aside and gives them a helpful pointer, this is the same kind of idea, and i really welcome and encourage your feedback of how to emulate this in a useful and constructive manner, without making it feel un-necessary or not use-ful.

Even if you can help someone make one little change sometimes it is the beginning of the thing that catalyzes their curiosity to empower the rest of their lives. You never know... You really don't, so you have to be open to trying- but you also really need to be respectful. I keep learning that, in different ways, and it's fascinating.

Because being respectful, is at the fore-front of my mind, however at times-

Eh- like I said, I mean to be, but nobody is perfect , we are all arriving, somewhere, while standing in place, but -eh ! now it is dinner time.

The enchiladas call my name softly, I can hear them asking for more habanero hot sauce from the “WhirlPool.” It will be a good time. A movie will be served, and there will be a cookie for desert.

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