DERP, THE half baked idea- to be pushed out because that's more timely, given I just ran into.

uh, yeah. I was just dorking around thinking about something I read in Threads and Traces by Ginzburg, C. The other day, and loaded out of intuition. The first post caught my attention- and in general the rule of the internet is never click the first post. It's usually a trap, or a real trip. In this case, it turns out to be the very rare option C, and likely a great deal of categora “b,” in all of the perceptive and open ended frameworks that I cannot literally find any one to discuss with, and I do grow weary of eyeballs starting to roll back from dendrites rapidly shearing off their electrical waste agglomera- but.... jeebz. It's not fun, and the cat doesn't really do much for obscure latin roots, but is an expert cuddler, when she wants to be.

Okay, here's my post and the link above is to the first post in the blog started by the author who i think just blew my mind in the context of the possibility i may have found a very interesting also polymath by which to exchange ideas. how fortunate for the realized network / the realized networks / the realized network earth and the re-designing of the internet that is under-way.

i should have subscribed to her blog with a different email address. oh well, i'll just have to say hi.

check out this incredible image here, which is the initial post over there, and then i put a horizontal rule- and the rest is my un-finshed post, from yesterday- mentioning Vitruvious.

Okay so what actually caught my attention was the research she was doing around auro-sensory perpcetion and cognition-, and that she used the world multimodal. and i have never heard anyone use the word multimodal, or multi-modal really only functional preference unto applique- but yes that was a strange signaling thing there so here we are now. :p

derp. so much freaking derp. what is going on here!


okay, I was going to get back to this research film after some emails. oh and my facebook URL is yes, its me. my name is Omar, but on there I go under the pseudonum ramon borema as a psychological sub-fracture re-key-stoning of “aura borealis' – and anyway...

perhaps we shall talk, consider my post a retro-active open letter which is postured as a present tense future gram from the past, without having known it had a specific author intended to it, in addition to the rest of the audience by which it was originally drafted for.

how peculiar and exciting!

But I ran out of the correct cigarette papers, became very upset at how it tasted smoking the backup backup not actually-a-backup but a fallback ugh i had to go to sleep! the taste! could not shake it. ha.... so today i remedied that, and the tabac again tastes glorious, no filter, crutch yes, and natural hemp papers from the alacante empire in espania .

speaking of which, if this a.21 synth.electro.plasma.opera.UN stuff ever ends, I would like to visit spain again, after all I was born in Rota, which is by Cadiz, which is in the south. El Sud. God I love it, I went once and it blew my ***R# mind.. in so many ways I can barely ... I'm crying right now. :D

** un buon idea ** staggered ion exchange system is the transition to barter and non linear imaginative listening and help based facilitation out of utility or care concern love not greed. it follows hand in hand with design.

insp: nature, and additional resources: vitruvius. re he tried it and documented it. this is called “de architectura.” a ten volume book of his most important life works. as considered by him.

** |. .:. functional delta: has been registered for the purpose of build out at proper meta-physical time-line to not mess with any extant things, and or yield in the correct mouse trap style order except everyone wins and there is no enemy, and there is no loser.if you can't visualize what i see, that doesn't mean it cannot happen, just chill and stand by- i am on everyones team, because there is no team. just team humans and animals and happy and the thing about a true idealist is they have the ability to scare the shit out of just about anyone out there. i get this about some of the concepts i introduce when you compare them to what we got currently going on in our day to day lives. just understand above all else i retain a full rational and functional objectivity in my day to day life, which is very mundane, i go to sleep, i wake up and have coffee and a bananna, i check my email, i stretch, meditate, have more coffee, walk around outside a bit- come back do a lot of work, take some breaks, eat things, and eventually go to sleep. We humans are all more or less the same, its just the way we make decisions that makes you think we are different, coupled with that we are interacting with “the matrix” for better or worse there are two layers of reality occurring simultaneously on this planet at the moment, and it is really as simple as this:

the will of a group of beings, as against whatever in whatever way it decides, whenever, at any given point, but generally does not seem to want to blow up the place just does really weird things, and some good.

the will of the planet if everyone followed the golden rule, which would literally just look like a bunch of happy fucking gibbons sitting around eating stuff and fucking every so often, food everywhere, everyone naked and laughing and sitting and talking and creating stuff, with no care for boundary whatsoever or difference whatsoever anywhere.

yeah thats what heaven looks like right?
see thats some bullshit right there because its not up in the sky, dude. it can be right here, but you have to pull your ostrich ass out of the shit sandwich you have been sold, and start just living your dreams a moment at a time- or however much amount at once per day blocks you can fucking handle. then just do it daily and start living for yourself.

dont be spiteful, dont be rageful, as operant mechanisms of doing or being- but realize these feelings will come up in your own ponderings. by the way- the programmed urge to go see a therapist is strong. dont. unless you can know its a good person that isnt going to play by the book. the book is weird. some of it is useful and highly relevant, a lot of it isnt and highly damaging.

the course of a therapist is highly dependent on their own personal morality and ethics than anything else, as there are two paths presented by this so called “book” which is really a lot of manuals, education, collectively- the dr goes through to get their degree and title.

it is fascinating to ponder that while there are things a good therapist could do but wont, the bad therapist will do and shouldn't, but both have the same education, and the same patient, hypothetically, and one outcome works and one doesn't. but the difference in action is the morality of the doctor.

so a big part of the realized networks will be giving humanity access to learning ethics, and philosophy, the reasons that moral principles and concepts- etc etc all those building blocks- that exist multiple layers and levels before you even have a presented “choice”. Because thats just part of how it works, but there is a lot most people do not become aware of, that greatly affects what you can do with the variables presented, and your idea, and the variables you don't have yet- can be had much easier if you play the current deck into its order for what you want, not what people tell you will happen.

read all that last paragraph slowly, out loud.

have a great day! no picture in the entry today. too much to read once without thinking, store it, and then read pausing if you want to. always, do this- never get stuck and stop. the brain is fascinated by what you stopped because of. that is your cue to ** go further. **

i also know you have not the ability to visualize this, but for just a moment perhaps ponder all the great thinkers of the past few hundred years have literally been hiding from you, because the moment we speak up, you all want to burn the witch- out of the human primal fear of hearing some ideas that are so new they literally scare you half to death figuratively with the electric shock of possibilities they bring to your brain to realize and begin to now use and process in the onward times from this point of initial life changing discovery.

so dont burn the witch, instead just scream bitch! then walk away and sleep on the new info. i dont need you to ever let me know anything makes sense, or to coome up with a question to ask me. so you likely feel that pressure since it was programmed into your behavioral databank literally in school system educational procedures as you rose through the grades and ultimately graduated, or didnt.

if you didnt, i want to talk with you especially. they couldnt break you and your brain has insane value. help me solve the worlds problems. i cant guarentee a thing, but i am very determined, and if you did not graduate high school, so were you- until the world decided you didnt fit- and pushed you away hoping you would die or end up in jail.

oddly- you types are some of the most important thinkers of our time. you ae the michanglos, the davincis, and the dreamers, tinkerers, inventors, and people with dna that is so goddamn pure and stubborn, it cannot be indoctrinated.

so if you ever considered yourself a fuckup, ponder all this. :)

also, email me if you want to help try and fix this planet, no pressure, just a lot of passion and the whole thing is open ended except me ceeding total control of it to you. email me at or or if you got sucked into video game world as your survival adaptation of choice, also visit you probably were also in love with zelda, mario and all those- as they were an operable timeline fracturing- intellectually and emotionally- eh this is another blog- look for that later, but emails are in this paragraph :) dont be shy dont worry about sounding stupid just tell me whats on your mind or in your heart and press send when you realize im not going to judge you and neither should you. :D

ok byee!