And now, for something entirely different: art of mine from scratch.

This piece is rather interesting, and i would like to leave it a few days up with no explanation – then I will return back here and write some about it.

Check back in a few days for the story, or subscribe by email all the way at the bottom if you wish. A herd of magic squirrels was found in a meadow in a field clearing in 2017 on a remote geological expedition, and a few youth were successfully recovered and reared in a science lab for study.

They had been noticed exhibiting unique behavior while the researchers were on break eating lunch during the project, and they decided to bring a few back with them as an elective side project inside the lab.

That, all was going quietly and without much interest or movement until one of the lab workers cousins from San Francisco who worked at a start up came to town to visit over the Christmas holiday, psychedelic drugs were involved, and the lab worker returned back with the understanding that if we could understand how to communicate with animals, we could not only get them to send email securely solving encryption issues permanently, we could also begin to decode the complex world of animal linguistics, and hopefully start to learn to talk to them. The researcher was successful in mapping the squirrels neo-corex to the point where she was able to ask it questions, and record millivolt potentials and hormone levels associated with known marker gradients for key primal scored events- and really- what he discovered was remarkable.

The animals fucking hate all of us, and want us to stop being capitalists, but also dont want us to suffer, or stop having access to comfortable lives, so – the researcher set out to form a disributed linguisics project on the web, and called it open aural, and then someone found them on github, and the code base ended up sending emails a lot sooner after all.

Meanwhile, the linguistics project continues, and the rest is current day history. :)

But yeah, subscribe for blog updates, please. There is a lot going on here, and this is only one node in 10 or so active nodes and talent nets across the web, and in various channels there are other active extrapola, but the blogs are a main intake- because they give the chance to form an emotional and practical understanding of a persons character- and herein i want you to know im working on a huge decades long project called its for people. to live better lives. there are about 200 or so key node points to build out so far in software and design and websites, and we are getting only started. this is big. so if you do anything at all on this planet, and have something to contribute, there is a place for you in the network, please contact me to get on the talent list, which is a pool of people that are good at a certain thing, or say they are and thus are on the list, and yeah! you wont be getting bothered or emailed, but if something is relevant to your skill and its current in my architecting I may have questions about your experiences, and just kind of go with it and i'll chat with you and write down what i need to but mostly just listen, because the answers are not in what i would write down- but in the construction of things and the spaces between- the unspoken qualia are the variables really I am after- because those are the ones that affect the greatest and most useful functional change, and then you have to build the rest from scratch, but it's worth it.

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Thank you humbly and sincerely,

the artist.

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