A Brief Nod to a Principal Hierarchical Modulo – RE: Engaging a Customer.. Read:: (another human.)

Boy have I got a deal for you.

Business, business; Business,– ! Business !! We all like to eat, and some of us went to school a long ** looooooong ** time.

So in short, here we are.

And in interest of former- all this post is about is a nod to an oft totally UN-thought of aspect of what I feel is very functionally important when analyzing businesses, or patterns inside of one, or the flow of something, when money is involved, because as an operator variable- (and our frustrations in life with it can confirm), >Quite often, money does things that don't make cents. > >*Sorry*. > But that's because of how the math and physics work, and their interaction with us, and the way the rest of the systems are designed. It's not personal, but it is complicated.

and this is just to share the following thought really, so without adieu:

When regarding any type of “marketing,” or MLM scheme, Ponzi-Scheme, or Pyramid Scheme, or any kind of Affiliate Marketing, or Marketing where you join a club, or host an event, and hawk products, or sell products for anyone else, period -

the #systems you're interfacing with as a sales-member of these outfits has more to do with math, physics, and the way the universe works than anything you actually do or don't.

The success or failure, or operative amount of confusion ensuing from lets say, “bad management,” are entirely constructed results of the actual design of the systems that run the business itself. For some of you I know this is review, and hopefully you noticed this is a blended article, sit back down and have a sip of your coffee ;). 0

The above is both a great #cosmic joke, and a strategic advantage- but the way society is for-mated to “blob and bob around” is lock step 180 degrees against that. Never go full 180, because then you don't get anything done and only mo problems Mon. That's just “Mo worries Mon”. Don't.

Never Go full #180, and remember a temporary pause to iterate isn't a regression.

Heres the one line version- It becomes readily apparent that this kind of business inter-change relationship depends on classical 3-D physics, and primal human brain wiring, more so than anything else. – in regard to marketing and ponzi schemes, and affiliate marketing or business clubs or being a brand ambassador, or term du-jour.

What?! (I'll wait, In fact I'm not even there! Take a break if you need it.)

Also importantly, it need be mentioned that these are all functional systems, and primarily functional inter-relationships that are commonly un-known or un-seen, etc. -

The way parts of a business work together are complex at best, but in short popcorn kernel snap-shot sense, from the ground up- if you design the way each logical decision and formula that architects the way the business actually behaves, – and with autonomy and proper mechanics.. in regard to the other moving parts of your business, this results in good results and avoids “un problems terrible.” from the operational perspective of the root level in a systems design or decision tree as part of a bigger operation, formula, or similar.

This is the best way to approach “made to fit,” and where most made to fit solutions fail, miserably- because ironically they are far less personalized than even paying your dry cleaner to do it.

The other worst part is the amount of time you will spend trying to adapt it to fit your needs is disproportionately high for how much you paid for it, and now because people depend on it- how much of your life it's eating – literally sucking up your time like a blood thirsty time vampire from hell.

Don't do that. It doesn't actually have an end point, other than the behavior having to stop suddenly and typically at some undesirable end for everyone.

Instead only invest your time in a business if you get to design how it works, or you just are going to work to subsist, and exist, while you're quietly working on your own grand design for autonomy.

But, if you're in business for evil, you're in a league of your own, bub- and you will not find an audience here, but you're welcome to read along- just don't expect me to ever be found rooting for that type of parasitic behavior. You're in pain, go find yourself- and fix the root cause of your behavior.

.:. /b>

oh look, life is interesting, and varied- yes? So, where were we. Oh, Yes, ... read on, I remember now.

How people tend to perceptive themselves has much ado with popular songs and media. But that isn't the point here, just a mention, because [insert lots of words here but actually don't], – just arrive at the conclusion that:

Being a victim isn't productive either- just live your life and enjoy it, don't try to hurt anyone.

If you can, help people, when it doesn't hurt you – and be sure to eat sleep and get outside. Aside from that, life could not be more infinitely possible, just follow those two rules above in this little blob and you will do fine.


Anyway I tried real hard to avoid the philosophy, but when it's your life's work to re-wild common sense, you probably are going to yammble on about it often.

Please don't harass my loose mental thought strings i shall refer to as “lost goldfish” lol, they're just strategically put everywhere for you: (plural- meaning everyone at every level of comprehension), to find.

But some are not meant for you and others are, because there are a lot of “you,– :”

~ I'm writing for millions of people, always- I never really write for a specific audience, so the overall output seems confusing unless you know why a particular part is there.

Eventually you might, if you get curious and inspired and either join in or ask or do it independently and learn about the weird parts you didn't get the first time around reading, but – life is collaborative..

You have to do stuff to have stuff happen. It has nothing to do with spending money, to make money, and everything with the fact that you have to intelligently design your life, in order to achieve results.

But part of that design includes actually doing things..... Otherwise clearly – nothing happens.

(and this is not clear to a LARGE number of people or I would not be writing this article),

But..without meaning to be insulting – you have to do things to make your ideas come into things that can lead to situations that can become your dream coming true., and you have to do it smart. But that doesn't mean it's hard. Or you have to be smart to get really amazing results. Seriously. Yes seriously. - >** Read that again slowly thank you much, I wrote this for you not me.

So in general please be aware my writing is blended if you ever feel insulted, it's actually your perceptive bias, and I am not affronting anyone, intentionally, ever for an evil or negative purpose- ever. So just bear that in mind somewhere.

Thanks! Have a great evening!

humbly decoded to helping you decode human electro-dynamics and aetherflux/aether-force/etc/ auto eco logistics – and build better systems,


Omar / Ramo / Doctor Beans / db

Btw- the holographic universe we currently refer to as “our economy,” is currently experiencing some alterations, but other than that- I don't aim to make any particular announcement ever towards that-

The systems I am building get along with it in regard to www.the-realized-network.earth, (io.com but (io) is in binary and .com,) and other main nodal points of the network that makes up “the realized network” which is software and a network and a browser and search engine and other things like word processor and other stuff too cool to even talk about yet,

a lot of really cool stuff, but heres a very tiny and limited and un-diverse taste just going off the list of domains for a quick over the shoulder:

mini list of some things in the realized network . earth :) :::

agglomerator.io, audiobottle.me, audiotrunk.net, auto-ecologistics.com, blackforgegroup.com, bookvault.net, braincentered.com, c0nnected.net, brainstormgroup.org, call-my-family.com, cannabisdreams.me, careconnect.me, orgonians.org stream-thing.com, howto-thing.co, and sooo much other stuff and goodies.

each one is a thing or does a thing for you- but some of them may do other things also or work together in interesting ways- but then again the thing it works with is probably not on this mini list- so dont be confused! :)

I'm trying really hard to blow your mind, because it's fun giving people things they can actually use and don't have to worry about breaking,

or disappearing- or being obsoleted somehow, or being compatible... or accessible.. and are at the same time, utili-full and efficient, simple, agile, and easy to use, anywhere.. Big words, I know- but the difference is I'm not cutting corners because I'm prepping something for sale.

I'm designing something I've recently come to realize actually unifies all of the greatest experiential thematic and archetypal experiences I have had thus far in my life, and fits a very definite pattern,

  • so I am working with that as a basis, and all of the above unmentioned and aside, below, etc- we will ** not ** get into details :D But know that,

This is a very long term project. Think Jacques Fresco, and the Venus project in terms of length and really being all in it,

but it being so multi-varied in what it is or touches or can interact with, its safe to assume you should just ask me about whatever your pipe dream is, because I'm working out a means to make it easier to make that kind of thing into a not pipe dream and I mean the pipe dreams that you haven't even been able to conceptualize yet.... for whatever reason. :)

but if I ask for help, it's because I know you can do it, even if you don't yet. So please- be patient with me, I'm passionate, but as always- if you need to, please tell me to stop and I will. If ever you have a wild hair later though, just start working on it and email me when you have something to share, this world is changed by self starters..

you can visit ideamissing.com to start fixing that operant dynamic in the world, and we will put it together and integrate it into the realized network.... :)

the talent pool list is pretty simple, if you're interested but don't know when you can contribute, ask me to put you on the talent pool list. it's a no contact list, unless the project has progressed to a part over-all where there is a definite and clear envisisage and need for your exact expertise. Then, I will send you an email asking if you're interested after briefly and respectfully describing the part where I think you'll fit, and maybe two to three sentences of where it fits into the network. At that point, the ball is in your court and I assume if I don't hear from you I'll try again in a few days or a week, and if not, you're on vacation, it hit spam, or otherwise- if it's critically important and suddenly presented itself and there is a time sensitive window, I'll probably try to call you on the phone, check your voice mail- otherwise, safe to say we will continue doing what it is that we all do, so well- live.

In general, expect a more unified and coherent, and succinct style of writing about all this soon. I like big words, but I don't like writing volumes, I was just making sure I still had it in me... Mission Accomplished.

Now, onto brevity in the future. Surgical Precision. But nobody is bleeding.


okay Talk with you later!

It is important to mention what i am building is not designed to compete or destroy any extant system or infrastructure- In the opposite fashion, I am working on solving the conundrums that were not previously worked out, and creating ways of either interacting with a static design, or augmenting one that is more lets say, malleablem without needing to become modular or radically change its architecture to maintain 1:1 parity with the expected output, volume, etc-

And these kinds of things are critical to get right, because the decisions affect the behavioral flow of millions or tens of millions – or sometimes more- people, in direct effect, and secondarily, more people with less intensity.

Unless something is impactful in a very intentional way, likely it is not even registered roughly 12-48 seconds after having seen it, on average. It is literally gone, from the average persons mind unless it made that impression and created a spark.

That is, as an engineer – one of the most limiting factors to have to encorporate and gradually help people fix if they want to- because we all more or less in this world have some kind of attention span mal-adaptation- yours truly included. :)

Now, because we're going to be making some things better in a big way, sometimes someones product will become outmoded, but that is because of the entropy and harmony dynamics of our physical universe, not because my product is a threat to yours. You think whatever is a threat to you is a threat, because you are un-willing to be more creative, and well lets be fucking honest- you're lazy.

If that seemed abrasive, it was meant to be factual.

People iterate. They find better ways to do things. It's inevitable. You don't need a legal team to protect you from the will and want of millions of people trying to improve upon a process. If you take action to prevent this, you are retarded. Or there is a very good reason that I'm missing, and you're not actually retarded. But- when I get colloquial, that is my sign to stop proof reading, know the document was good, cut the rest off and share it later as the beginning or part of new content.

GOODNIGHT. World. (and you, dear reader.) or good day, depending, etc...

OH and by the way sometimes, the real reason this thing rambles on is for characterization- so you can understand the person you're dealing with..

Because while there are things that make me unique and weird and special, I am also the every-man. and that means what's good for me is also good for you, and eventually I'll say something that makes you realize I'm not trying to destroy you, and you can trust me- and hopefully then you contact me and we actually get some cool stuff done together, instead of us being frustrated trying to solve problems apart or waiting.

We're all supposed to be friends, remember?

I will bid you all a fair evening for now, until we meet again. Take care of yourselves, please.

  • just some guy