a blurb about social services on the realized network:

It is really important to have infrastructure support, as a village, tribe, city, town- or human being. The evidence is being homeless, and having to carry your infrastructure or leave it outside.

The realized network has all sorts of things planned, one of them is a housing initiative- but thats a story for later. and it is important, and you will be amazed, and want to help. but that is not the time. oh, and im going to do it so it doesn't break any laws, or piss anyone off. . ;) :)

right now, we are going to just briefly mention in passing since i was describing this to a friend of mine who is collaborating with me as an advisor in regard to social events and functions – and helping to nudge my engineer brain to not forget anything that I may go out into public somewhere and forget that should be a part of say a meeting – or a fund-raiser. The small details like say, making sure you have a tray or box to present your 4x5 cards promoting your network, are critical- and these are the kinds of things men, especially engineers either dork out on and buy the metal clip board version , or spend hours agonizing over which kind of kraft paper boxes to put the invitation in. :) and weather or not they were made sustainably by slaves or by a good company- etc.

but here is the blurb: and it is about emergency crisis hotline and concierge link to professional medical help if injured and cant move but has phone, or similar- and affordable legal housing without pissing anyone off or breaking any laws zoning laws or otherwise..



what? <coded note to self about the above therein. never you mind- the trained eye and geometry person will get it. :D email me if you think you're clever – dev@ionic-sandbox.com

Diana Rosso at burning man, my friends who are rangers in the past were explaining to me that they are so coordinated, as a team- that during the event- at burning man- the average response time to find a lost child is around 4 and a half minutes

now.. take into consideration this a response time for a team operating out in the middle of harsh weather, with all manner of every imaginable and un-imaginable distraction possible at all corners of the eye and foots path, without boundary for severeal miles then you are outside the city. HA

so to find kid in there is amazing and shows you the kind of coordination a good team with proper training can accomplish.

the realized network is for everyone, and i hope that there can be a rapid response team that's awake world wide “24/7/365” as a general concierge for members, and a crisis hotline that can connect people immediately with resources or professional medical help and serve as an intermediary to say place the call if they are injured and cannot move far to safety, etc . the network operator for the crisis line can be called with a single click on a website, and then thats that.