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Content note: animal experimentation

WWI was known as the chemist’s war. Deadly chlorine, phosgene, and mustard gasses were deployed by countries on both sides in the conflict. Scientists toiled in their fume hoods, summoning deadly chemical monsters to fight battles for their homelands. After the war, we all totally swore we learned our lesson and pinky promised not to do a chemical warfare again. Chemical weapons were banned in 1925.

To be fair anthrax isn't a chemical weapon.

Today’s Moment of Science… the bioterrorist ransom at Anthrax Island.

Porton Down, a research lab in England that began operations in WWI, was a touch light on ethics and way into human experimentation. They conducted tests in secret on uninhabited areas of the Bahamas and Nigeria. Then there was the time they released a bacteria on the extremely inhabited London underground, you know, just to see what would happen. Indeed, the only country to use bioweapons on Britain was... Britain. It was “just” a stomach bug but Jesus Zombie Christ, yer majesty, could you not?

At this lab they developed weaponized versions of botulinum, cholera, and typhoid. Most notoriously, they developed weaponized anthrax.

Inhalation anthrax has an 80% fatality rate, and it takes an alarmingly small amount to wipe out a city. Any good scientist knows that you can’t just expect something to work without running an experiment. To deploy anthrax, they needed a remote location that nobody would accidentally stumble across, which is hard when you’re already on a relatively small island nation.

So they decided to try wiping out an even itsier island. Of sheep. Specifically, Gruinard, Scotland.

How does that first conversation go? “Yeah, I need a test site. Uh-huh, anthrax. Yes, a whole island.”’ A decade later Porton Down tested sarin gas on soldiers under the guise of testing a cure for the common cold, so I’m pretty sure the response was something like “will a flock of sheep suffice?”

An island approximately two square kilometers in size, records show Gruinard only had six occupants who all vacated the island by the 1920s. In 1942, eighty sheep were tied up on the island, and anthrax bombs were set off close to their locations. The anthrax caused a severe case death in every sheep. Gruinard was so contaminated it was uninhabitable.

It’s unclear if this convinced Britain that anthrax was a bad idea because it worked a little too well, or if they never pulled the trigger on bioweapons because nobody else did and they were playing a game of salt-the-earth chicken. But they haven’t dropped a load of anthrax anywhere else. Uh, that we know of.

But because a clean up effort was seemingly beyond reason, the government let a field of anthrax sit there until someone started using dead sheep island as a bioweapon against them.

In the 1980s, a group called the Dark Harvest Commando started sneaking over to the island, collecting samples of soil, and sending them to government buildings. Which is, uh, terrorism but also the government kinda left a bioweapon sitting out on an island for anyone to access and went “how could this possibly come back to haunt us?”

Dunno, fucking boats?

It took an extraordinary cleanup effort starting in 1986, being declared “safe” in 1990. Sheep have grazed there now without incident for many years. However, as did the bacteria for decades, fears about the place likewise persist, and it’s taken a while to shake a reputation as Anthrax Island.

This has been your daily Moment of Science, suggesting that if your experiment has a possible result of “location made uninhabitable for a generation,” you don't need to be turned down for funding. You need an ethics class.

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Also, I quit facebook and facebook messenger, which is fantastic for your mental health, and over-all well being.

Cannot recommend that enough.

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so. i have been making my life , very much better. lol this takes a lot of time an focus.

the funny thing about self improvement, is once you get to a certain point into the thick of it, you cannot stop. The train of love, or the train of whatever, – well that boat set sail.

The interesting thing tho is you always learn somethings at this point. Because you are all in.

The rest, is and should be fun.

I will free write later, but for now this was significant enough to whet my appetite for more self expression. :)

The pipes have unclogged @no more writers block, ha ha I was very busy with other things and the need to write is here, and will be realized in due short course.

meow. purr. r0arr.

~ Omar —

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nothing like #science and #coffee type morning: (the miracle of redundant text), fulltext of that is here without needing to leave the face borgle:

photo credit: (denisyuk at the vavilov optical state institute, 1966)– photo via Academician.

Yuri N. Denisyuk and a number of his colleagues [27-31] developed what is known as the TIW hologram, and is a rather.. “dynamic hologram of the traveling intensity waves” (TIW) – is a unique hologram.

We emphasize that in fact it is a unique (and little known to the wider circle of specialists) property of holography – its ability to record light holograms directly within light itself, as well as the reconstruction of “light” holograms (from light structures) in a form of the new light structures.

It is crucial to note that this process which represents a complex interference of light waves cannot be observed directly optically (by a human eye). And, perhaps, that’s why this process has never drawn any attention. However, the phenomenon of generation and operation of traveling waves of intensity (TIW) holograms, discovered by Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Yury Denisyuk, actually known since 1974, was repeatedly proved by special experiments, as well as a variety of relevant works and mathematical calculations [27].

see also:

DNA Decipher Journal | December 2015 | Volume 5 | Issue 3 | pp. 155-173 Korneev, A. A. & Gariaev, P. P., Some Aspects of Wave Gene Transmission ISSN: 2159-046X DNA Decipher Journal Published by QuantumDream, Inc.

reading from:

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i will fix that soon. :)

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introducing a new social network for legal or recreational cannabis and hemp patients,

Because, there are no such things as strangers, just others you've not yet met...

Soon, (in about a week) will be live, and for now, you can join the official launch group at : : and then click on tribes” and or search with the octopus icon for cannabis and it will come up.

(yes the search icon is labelled “find” and it is the flying spaghetti monster...)

see you at

(also, i recently fixed a major weird thing about maybe not getting the site to load, please, try again, OR DON'T!) ;-P)

I love you all.

~ramo/db/ truly Omar.

=== +++ this is a safe, moderated privately funded and paid for and single owner (this website) space to discuss and learn about medical cannabis and its use +++ ===

(also, this entire website will NEVER be sold or transferred ownership of. and by ownership, I mean I am the man who waters the trees, prunes the bushes, pays 400 dollars month for the web-server, and stuff like that. your stuff is safe here. this is gift from me to the community.)

There will be a companion social network, that you may log onto with your username and password from, that I am in the process of building, so we can create as a group a truly magnificent show case of both discussion, peer reviewed medical literature, and useful guides for human beans that may be either new to cannabis, or have a question. ~~~ that website will be up and ready for you soon, and the social tribe at is ready now and available for you (in other words it is LIVE.  come join us and help another medical patient with their issue, patient to patient.  or just read stuff or chat with others in our chat room.  you can use your phone but your eyes will love how it looks on a laptop or tablet.  also it loads a lot faster on a laptop than a phone, so just know that.    RIGHT NOW, LIVE, READY TO GO, and uh- I'm the only one in the chat room... or the tribe so far, but i have invited a few of you Asha, Matt M, :)  , available at

I have questions about cannabis ALL the time, and I have been smoking for 16 years with specific medical intent.


(if you have difficulty finding the invite button please ask me i will help you ! )

group rules:

  • follow the golden rule: “do to others only as you wish for yourself.”
  • try to be helpful, if you have the time, know-how, and inclination.
  • do not rush, please take the time to check your spelling, and contribute something of some value, if you are writing a post.
  • this is not a group for memes with pictures of weed. We can create that separately quite easily or you can make a meme group!

This is a group recognizing and discussing the medicinal heath use and benefits in a constructive, fact based, and personal manner.
Its important to combine both personal experience, and known science- with the opinion of friends as things to consider in learning what works best for you. Please let me know how I can make this group work for you, or make it better ~ as the website operator, I really want to have this group be a success, and show the rest of the world that people who are medical cannabis patients are responsible, mentally capable adults, and not only that- but are no threat to the rest of the world. Furthermore, as medical cannabis patients, all we really want is to heal eventually, and feel good in the meantime, or at least be able to make it through the day.

If any of this sounds like you, join us and make yourself at home- I love you. I'm rooting for you. We're all humans, and we all have a need to improve our lives.
Lets work together on this and see how much better we can be as a team, and what good we can bring to the world- in the modern education of our friends, family members, spouses or others important to us, and in the helping of each-other, to just freakin' feel – DECENTLY human, for the day. Life can suck a lot, cannabis used properly can actually help a human beings health along in ways that are simply un-imaginable until experienced if necessary.

Join us. Lets do good work together and do a lot of helpful good things for the people we care about and the plant in her many forms that helps us continue our lives on this earth.
in humility, tears, strength, team work and gratitude,
Ramo Rema / Ramon
doctor beans-


If you are a credential holding doctor, please make it known in your comments- otherwise it is assumed all members of this group are card carrying legal cannabis patients in their location of residence, and furthermore- any information generated in this group (information meaning words, media, images, discussion, etc- all media generated by this group)-

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(you can also look up and just copy the link.)
your friend will need to join mytribes to see our group here though and participate.
is free to of course be shared around the net as you feel a friend may benefit from it (theres a share button) twitter, fb, pinterest. :)

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copper. cooperates. combines. brings flow through/flow(s) through.. >> – ~ )!( ~ << and and its di-pole is iron. this is why copper is not really magnetic. It's a vehicle.

Magnets are angle guides (wave guides, parts of the geometry, insert hippie words for energy here if you wish), or advanced engineering ones, but this is true of and for nearly all electrical assemlages, both man made and natural. Unless you go under -280 or so Kelvin ,

then this is a new world and expect mostly the inverse of the inverse of what you know, and then therein respect and marvel in the observation of the actual physical interplay of earths stuffs...

She never stops, you know. She never stops iterating her design.

there's iron in it, it's ironic- you see? (it didn't quite all happen.)

the human animus defines boundary conditions in language, and calls them polarities.

They're lines on the edge of a plane, inside a box- which only describes a small aspect of what's inside the whole “thing”.

That's where peoples heads kind of explode, so back to copper and iron.

Each element on earth has a pair, which it gradients against inside the human body using electricity, and plasma, and salt- and water- to carry your stuff ya eat- the vitamin goodies ——– into you where ya need them.

Copper and Iron are a pair. Calcium and Potassium are also a pair. You will find a lot of paired ones in processed foods, otherwise there's no point in even adding one without the other – the body won't really understand it; Day to day if you ate like that. This leads us to spices, but that is another day, another place, and a bigger project slice. Don't think you have to read all these how I'm doing them.

I am writing books, I'm not an asshole, I just want to get you excited and share large parts of what I am doing for free, so you can get to know what you really are buying a book about-

when it's done, and that way you can actually place long term value on it. :) “long term” ha ha ha stupidly silly, words :D


cooperation, copper and at set human ions. i am on it, i am cooperating, sure as shooting I've got this squared away on all four legs.

I will continue to elucidate little metaphysical bird droppings like this as we go. I am writing a book on cosmology.

its a new kind.

functional cosmology.

unless thats already a thing, then its still going to be worth reading. (probably.)

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totally forgot i put 12 tablets of hyland bioplasma cell salts, and 21 drops of iodine in my matcha tea, which is also cooled, after eating an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. oh the perks of being a hippie diet wise, sometimes. #fawk #wtfomfgblog

oh okay hey, so now that you're here- join the social network i've been spending the last few years working on. 2 years of testing software and the affect of different switches buttons layouts and details -

and how it makes it all change when people actually use it and experience it- as well as ways to minimize problems mostly UN-forseen- a resolution system back channel. thats being tested currently. then you factor in life experience as an observer, 20 years of meditating, 20 + years of not owning a tv or using one, and so on- i have a pretty unique world view, and i am very kind. but i have also broken a jaw to save my own life, so everything has measure and balance. lol. thats life man.

but you can go to and sign up now. free. no algorithm messing with your posts showing up. no algorithm messing with the posts at all, actually. also there are not software robot rabbits or little ai critters behind the scenes collecting the stuff that goes on inside the site, like you know- your data.

I am a huge advocate of humans moving peacefully and cooperatively about on the face of the earth, as long as their actions do not intend to harm other humans.

This is not that hard to understand in theory how this is a good idea, or sounds fucking lovely. Well, yeah, and then there are problems, of course. But then there's me, sitting here thinking about this- and seeing problems as integral functional strengths- and actual aspects that need to be considered and strongly supported in the design.

So, there's that. I'm not even attempting to reduce a total strategy, and the funny thing is- there is already so much more to this that you'd probably wonder if I'd really started on this 10 years ago, if I elucidated known cross correla- , so I'm going to just shut my mouth now. :)

For the “present” – time space density, and dimensional scale- that is, therein- thereof, what? ** More later. *

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this is from my personal archive, and is the only existing copy of this, so pardon that bit. “Waiting.” Taken Dec 2005 —Union Square— San Francisco, CA.

My two cents~ Everyone in this photo is waiting, including the people walking.. A most peculiar scene indeed.

perhaps I'll tell the story about this later.

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