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brain shards on the information stupid highway.

totally forgot i put 12 tablets of hyland bioplasma cell salts, and 21 drops of iodine in my matcha tea, which is also cooled, after eating an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. oh the perks of being a hippie diet wise, sometimes. #fawk #wtfomfgblog

oh okay hey, so now that you're here- join the social network i've been spending the last few years working on. 2 years of testing software and the affect of different switches buttons layouts and details -

and how it makes it all change when people actually use it and experience it- as well as ways to minimize problems mostly UN-forseen- a resolution system back channel. thats being tested currently. then you factor in life experience as an observer, 20 years of meditating, 20 + years of not owning a tv or using one, and so on- i have a pretty unique world view, and i am very kind. but i have also broken a jaw to save my own life, so everything has measure and balance. lol. thats life man.

but you can go to and sign up now. free. no algorithm messing with your posts showing up. no algorithm messing with the posts at all, actually. also there are not software robot rabbits or little ai critters behind the scenes collecting the stuff that goes on inside the site, like you know- your data.

I am a huge advocate of humans moving peacefully and cooperatively about on the face of the earth, as long as their actions do not intend to harm other humans.

This is not that hard to understand in theory how this is a good idea, or sounds fucking lovely. Well, yeah, and then there are problems, of course. But then there's me, sitting here thinking about this- and seeing problems as integral functional strengths- and actual aspects that need to be considered and strongly supported in the design.

So, there's that. I'm not even attempting to reduce a total strategy, and the funny thing is- there is already so much more to this that you'd probably wonder if I'd really started on this 10 years ago, if I elucidated known cross correla- , so I'm going to just shut my mouth now. :)

For the “present” – time space density, and dimensional scale- that is, therein- thereof, what? ** More later. *

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this is from my personal archive, and is the only existing copy of this, so pardon that bit. “Waiting.” Taken Dec 2005 —Union Square— San Francisco, CA.

My two cents~ Everyone in this photo is waiting, including the people walking.. A most peculiar scene indeed.

perhaps I'll tell the story about this later.

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the kid learning saxaphone and doing quite well at it- right now duke ellington's – 'it's a wonderful world, earlier bossa nova.”

i need to like figure out who this guy is, and give him something. brightens the shiniest spot on already saturated emulsion of life, bringing it- not down, different or any change- but as if the very thing music does for us is

bring definition to the space inbetween the space when the notes hit, and we associate our worlds with that [complex emotional biochemical amalgam]

and well yeah, this started as a poem

and i have lately been messing with different kinds of writing, because i realize there is no point in restraint unless for context or manners,

life is so complicated and simple – and i have missed out on sharing and articulating so much,

due to my life circumstances in general, and then all of those ones that i never mention, because i respect the people involved,

although it sucked and definitely altered my course of expression and time-tables for goals,

and for the time spent living through things i didn't ask for or directly affect, or even secondarily ask for – all that **** takes time to kill off, sort out, make peace with, learn to love, see as a tool, or make it permanently go away without harming it.

By the way, kill off meaning disassemble the conditionality by which it exists in your space and bothers you, not actually physically injuring something.

Important distinction as a writer, and more or less literalist, living in a world of figurative people, the blending is hard and i have to be careful with writing,

because i don't like to waste my time living inside metaphors (one cannot al-chemically raw dog life living inside abstract reality)

my actions are very simple to keep the whole of my experience as close to 1:1 as possible, (and i realize none of this makes sense unless you know things, and I do write for multiple audiences within the same article even, sometimes and usually) so either by now you're used to that, or its confusing, and hope this helps.) just read dont think. and stop when you feel done. this isnt arranged like documents you're used to. or the rest of this blog....or anything i do.....

these are the words of a free thinker...

but when the words go on the page to describe, it gets complicated because while i see directly and act directly, most people understand by metaphor only, and havent actually the skill to imagine the thing and do it themselves.

which is strange? and interesting? and i am just learning about the way this actually is experienced, by asking people about it and listening to their stories.

its a brand new thing, and i am not prepared to write about it past that, but it is very very interesting and valuable (in terms of understanding others, not $) and the world at large in respectful situa to the aforementioned. :)

ok! ive got like 3 other blogs to find from before i needed to reboot i wrote earlier today and look please for those (why doesnt anyone subscribe by email? ) i get the idea nobody uses email. can we get some clarification to me on that ? thanks :) here at the bottom is a feedback link for you, after reading this- if you have anything to share, perhaps a small story that you think would make me a better person to hear, or an article related to this, or whatever is constructive. thanks! :)

the author

surfing the wave, eventually you can ride the top of it, and choose where to get off, float and swim, but we are just getting to that area , and it feels like i've had to kill 1,000 million ideological monsters and problems to get here. and some of the motherfuckers keep trying to get me,. haha. but i think, that is why it is funny that life is iterative. we keep trying things until we get the needed result.

but back to that poem

to be quite literal theres a kid or man or woman that lives here (but it sounds like a man from the playing style) – a saxaphonist. new. but very skillful in actually articulating the timing, the pentameter of expession – of notes.

which is a rare skill for a musician. period. it means he can hear the music for itself, not for what his brain or her brain makes it out to be..

puffing notes out across the space, makes me feel as thought i am lacking a bit in grace, whilst i play, listen to- and adsorb- sonically my breaks, bass, trance and drums, what new bio-chemical-mind-machines are made listening to components seperately, instead of the whole of a sonorosity, and does one ponder in ab-stract-ion ?

drum and bass, breaks glitch and man, now its time to listen to some classical music or something.

have a good day? i hope!

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“Horum te mori nemo coget, omnes docebunt; horum nemo annos tuos conteret, suos tibi contribuet; nullius ex his sermo periculosus erit, nullius amicitia capitalis, nullius sumptuosa obseruatio.”

No one of these will force you to die, but all will teach you how to die; no one of these will wear out your years, but each will add his own years to yours; conversations with no one of these will bring you peril, the friendship of none will endanger your life, the courting of none will tax your purse.

Sounds a lot like the theme of The Pink Floyd's “The Wall” Album..

Funny thing that, every person is able to make their own choices, and form them, from scratch, but most people just choose to react to things presented or forced upon them instead.

Funny thing, that we are taught to do that, instead of the making our own choices from scratch thing. There is a purpose to all of it, and this is not a negative statement. It's a descriptive statement. Characterizing. Anyhow,

Funny thing, that time is said to be invisible!?, and a non thing- that the space between is an illusion. Ha Ha.

Also funny thing, that- if its invisible, or an illusion- perhaps this means that when people say “we are all one” they are onto more than they understand, probably.

Also Also funny that, if the before two things are relative-istic-ally accurate in that 'moment' whatever the heck a moment is ~

oh yeah i actually wrote on paper about this recently, i was doing etymology stuff. I will have to fetch that at some point and 'digitize' it for inclusion here.

This is going somewhere else, but I am not ready to write it yet.

I have a website to finish coding for someone who will be very very excited to see it.
Off to have a procedural conversation with php.

Also, it would be interesting if someone could fill me in,

on why all the busts of Seneca the Younger look like he just received news he was going to be poisoned or impaled or something, I really need to refresh my memory on the historical record of this mans life later today.

If you know though off hand, email me:

click above to auto populate an email and just learn me about the thing briefly please ah ha! thank you. =] if not i will find out later.

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I feel the expression, “the sky's the limit” makes people lazy.

image from and no relation to this article, just looked cool.

I may be entirely wrong but here's my thinking: it sets up the expectation that nothing needs to be done, but simultaneously given the context it is commonly used – also implies no action is required, and to just “sit back and relax, and everything is going to be handled, and is okay.” Now, maybe I am just seeing a mirage, but this feels too eerily similar to our contemporary state of perceived and semblanced social affairs..

But as a social and cultural assuage, it's definitely not a good way to be, this “sky is the limit” thing.. On one hand it is great initially if you get the rest of the lesson, which is “the sky's the limit, you can do anything you set your mind, heart, emotions, actions, and dedicate actual energy, and manipulate into phyical creation, form and shape- manipulate- create- whatever.

You have to make stuff to make stuff, otherwise you are given it as a gift, or you buy it- but the last one is un-natural, and arguably while it is very standard, it creates functional problems in the way things flow through the universe, -


That is really really not the point right now, although we could talk about that until our hair falls out, that still wouldn't * solve * it- and would just fit under what intellectuals call “confirmation bias.”

No, my life is more interesting than that, and involves collectively dreaming and connecting people to the solutions that we need as a global population and species... To evolve safely.

Within the confines of our existing parameters, but to imagine new systems with parts and pieces and methods and materials that didn't exist, but also the ones that did too, and without creating un-needed catacalysm to existing systems, etc. There is no easy way to describe my process. But, I assure you if we stop trying to kill each other, and get each-other in trouble over not wearing masks, and other stuff,

We can get through this intelligently as a species, but things have to be done differently than they are now . .

I am also, not in opposition to any existing large and powerful forces out there, in fact- I am trying to solve a lot of the problems your systems create, without “usurping” your sense of power, and position of station in the world. I know who you are.

I have a tremendous sense of respect for what you have done- the systems in place are absolutely dazzling. I also understand because you fucked up the education system, most of the people who are adults right now reading this think you are their enemy. Either you did this on purpose, or not- but it's pretty interesting where that currently sits- nothing implied other than a situational awareness that would make most people implode.

But, that's all meaningless, really.

Back to your systems- most of them work pretty damn well, but they're not perfect, and some of them cause a great many issues, and that sucks. Also, hows it going on Mars? Don't worry- i won't talk much about that project. even if they understood the sun “simulator” was actually a diffusive gradient as a means to colonization- ........ they still wouldn't be able to visualize it.

because that's not where most of them are at, and you know it- and now they're all here, and stupid, but they mean well- and now the problem extantly is “what do we do?” well- you dont kill them, and they're not your responsibility- but the problems you created and formed into their lives because of the limited subset of knowledge and operational to do you gave them access to, has fucked them- systematically . either by accident or on purpose, people are pretty “stupid” or gullible, or sway-able or move-able in large numbers in ways they shouldn't be- because their primal fears are heightened, and everyone feels a perceived..

need to be on alert. Could it be that mom and dad are finally showing themselves they may not always be home, and your primal fear of ....

not knowing how to provide for your basic human needs...

flares up, and that is either enough for you to do something about it, and empower yourself with KNOWLEDGE you can use to take care of yourself, wipe your own ass without a grocery store, find a meal or grow it out of the ground yourself so you don't die, and can sit around with other humans laughing, playing in the dirt, chasing eachother around, and mating, and working with others to negotiate shelter and so on. This is what we call life.

this crazy shit we have right now with movies and million dollar cars and beyonce fantasm? thats some kind of fucking theatre production, not life. Life is the paragraph above. anyway...

most of us never get to really think deeply and feel this,

cause make most of the world think you're trying to eat them every day of their lives, but the truth is most of the time you're just trying to get enough paper to eat so you dont get eaten or spit out of your box you pay to sleep in, alone..

And rather than be a big failure, and get mad when you see people try to do things that fix things that you perceive as a threat and throw visionaries in jail etc- well this is different, because I am not trying to get rid of you ( you were leaving anyway , ) but I'm not trying to move in. I have zero dreams of being a dictator or a cult leader or anything even remotely resembling that.

My biggest dream is to see people have a willingness to, and actually adopt my ideas, and watch as they improve peoples lives.

I know they will work, most of them are so simple it would be impossible not to have them work.

Also, sometimes I have to design something to reverse initially the damage or mis-align-ment caused by an existing Mal-adaptive system- those ones look messier, but then after the rectification in design and output, things can become simple again and efficient once more.

Also, while I am a firm believer in fluidity of action, I am not the guy who is going to sign petitions and eat a pot brownie on the court house steps while CNN interviews him. That is reactive stupidity. Its technically ignorance, but it is choosing to perform an action (go to court house use my energy bring my resources to) put on a mini theatre show for whomever is there but in my head im acting out a theatre drama wherein i am confronting the source of my problem, and playing out my therapy in public on the world stage for all to see- and while this is exactly the same pyschological mechanism that plays out when one attends a protest-

it is the psychological cleansing, the possibility of that dialogue being able to be decompressed, that is the enticement to attend and protest. during the protest, it is disorienting- not only because of the throngs of sweaty noisy empassioned people doing the same thing- but because you can barely make your way through the sea of it all — because you can barely hear anything other than the blood ripping and thrapping against the innards of your ear cartlididge.....

its that kind of thing- its a primal wiring, extravaganza. the entire time. 1000 miles an hour. Full on. Then you get tired, find food, and either go back or go home. And nobody was actually addressed but you, and the others – and maybe you feel better, but odds are you finally noticed how pissed you were for the first time – but you're still lost. a protest is not a solution. in fact a protest isn't even useful, or efficient- it's exhausting and stupid. because

what did you get out of it? nothing. you may have signed a paper somewhere on a clip board, but thats just a stealth data collection mechanism to keep track of everyone brazen enough to announce on record that they were there....

life is complicated. talk later.

I'm the guy that is planning the stop-gaps that fix your system so that day on the court house steps never has to occur.

Lets work together, or just at the minimum, please continue to stay the fuck out of my way. I'm not against you guys, and I hope by now that's obvious. :)

. the status quo exists because that infrastructure, and those systems were entirely created for you. if you already realize this, my apologies- this article is not for you. This is something actually a great deal of people don't think about, or have never considered- so it's thus important.

What I'm saying is, if you've never actually thought about how you would survive on a day to day basis, if say- there wasn't a garbage man- or more realistically, if the stores you bought food from within a 15 mile radius of you all went out of business, because you happened to live on the outskirts of some remote-ish- but not economically booming area- and now it's october 2021- and your town basically has fallen apart, or most have moved away.

  1. What do you do? Clearly quality of life is going to suffer somehow, but you're there for some reason- maybe a house, animals, a kid who is ill, whatever the reason- you need to be living there is, the keys to doing so anywhere are not that difficult, and admittedly as postured within ** HIS ** own life, within the framework of all this – yeah I go to the store. I have about a years worth of dried food of 20 or so different kinds- that I need just add enough heat and water to, or time and water to with a little sunlight- and i will be able to eat, and drink and sustain myself.
  2. That's not terribly exciting, but should it ever come to be useful, it is a great deal more exciting of a prospect than UN-necessary starvation from resource miss-management in what we are beginning to see as a more permanently-evident transitional period in what is – if i am correct- the beginning of a distinguishable transition in modes and methods, fro a brick and mortar capitalist bonanza (unchecked from 1913 to 2020), and the subject of another article- would be the 'round table' meetings of the 1890s- but without getting into highly debatable esoteric social planning history of the last 140 years or so, lets just stop here for now.
  3. Because the whole point is self reliance is important. ** What would you do and live as, if the stuff you were able to buy went away, or in part went away? **

Have a great evening :D

The Sky is not the limit, but get to work- there is much to be done.

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I guess it's time to clean up that “what will the birds think of their new skies?” article from last month in response to the package delivery drones, and bird vitality, biodiversity- and all Eco-systems up and down the chain of life, by custody of function and size and their effects on the entropy of the whole system (this planet), and everything in it including you standing there doing whatever-the-thing-you-are-trying——to-get-done-is. Yeh.

It's all in here at once. and in general, stuff that disrupts already existing things in a seriously major way like, say making it hard for birds to fly around without getting attacked by or sharing air space with or having to adapt to robots without logic or care for them (nobody has written publicly that i have seen in any press release about how you care for the safe habitat and interactivity deltas with birds as drones go about their work you are so proud of,) and I feel this is a ** critical oversight . **

Call me stupid, but if you take just two minutes to think, Hm if we didn't have birds then we would have more lizards, because some birds eat those, and oh snakes too! Then we should assume drones will cause more of that somewhere. and whatever other problems like say making it hard to walk on the sidewalk or enter or exit a shop, or public place, open a door, turn a corner, walk up a flight of stairs, grab something out of a counter above your head without having to see it first,etc the list goes on these are little tiny things but they matter to you daily, but as an example of how complex even a simple ecosystem of your damn kitchen is,

then you want to put drones in the place birds live and that is an ecosystem and habitat with millions of different kinds of species of everything imaginable and shit you have never seen, thought of, or could have possibly imagined exists, lives here somewhere on earth or under water. if it's not here, you could probably will it, or build it. :p

Anyway, we need to have companies be publicly accountable about the drone thing and they wont be, and so don't expect it, ever- and do expect them to pretend and assert they have fixed the issue, which really usually consists of them paying some expert and a public relations firm and a scientist or expert on the subject- >to assert with weight repetitively that it has been solved, and the company is aware of the problem.

Well, that sounds like an admission of implied involvement, and of perhaps to * suggest * they affected the .. It's called just “not telling you a thing”. They did it, Ok? Otherwise that situation wouldn't even present itself ever ever, —— ever . Got it? LOL Oh and a lot of “hope” dressed up as suggested ingest-able will-altering perception changing stuffs and fanciful things, devices and ideologies, tools of the trade, toys of the mind, and just simply when you get down to it- functional aspects of what it means to be human.

When you understand how the puzzle works, you have to commit to a lifetime of good and service, or you take the other path. Otherwise you are in stasis and cannot begin to fully unlock yourself , and of course this is just a theory but it seems to be operatively true in my life and those of others, but perhaps, this is just our perception or our experience- see there is a very weird thing humans do- when they see something, the mind can create the prescience of the rest of that experience, (and does this ** all ** the time, even when none of the rest of that stuff is actually there.

Anyway, In regard to these companies and the magic Oh we know, and we addressed the safe-ness of the birds, the drone blades are not sharp, or the camera can detect the birds, well okay shit goes wrong, I play with computer code, and ..... well, stuff goes wrong. No analogy needed....

So with regard to effectiveness of a solution here that is acceptable to the birds, and every other species of animal plant and (the humans HMM), unless you can show that it is solved,

you are actively participating in an act of bio ta ta ta ta ta ta , in a sense, and not a positive one- ~ `

  • The last time i checked, having a clean sporting stadium wasnt nearly as cool as having fish, crickets, birds, squirrels, almonds, bees, trees, fungus, lichen, mold, bacteria in the soil, uhhh you are really putting a lot on the line here for your goddamn package delivery and clean stadiums. Think, you f**** i*****. Act-ions need to match intent-ions, unless you are actually trying to get rid of all of us, and are dressing it up in a real funny way . . . . . . .

Because otherwise in short order, and you dont come to your senses, the negative actions will continue to have a cascading negentropic effect and affect- well, I dont want to get into this just do the right thing, how hard is that?

But the share holder....s

Where do you live, bro?

Oh, thats right- they've almost finished building out Mars, and ... Hm, but thats another sci fi for another day type thing.

But yes and yet, functionally, unless they tell you exactly what they did, and can show you that it's true (which is impossible so dont wait for it)– they are just trying to make you feel better so you stop thinking about it.. so the things they say if they are still doing it, generally dont fix things, but in rare cases a company actually does solve a problem, so look out for that- too. Those times are cool, and we like those. The rest, they dont fix anything. WE also call it Lying....

so yeh expect that- and it will be just like green washing, CFC's, or any number of things inbetween the public learning that GMO foods had been introduced all through the early to late 70s in pilot programs and then officially in 1978 with Mons and Searle, and So on- The New agglomera transition from the old brands- bayer, ig farben, etc. all the same folks, folks-.

I mean its neat they wanna clean stuff, but the last time I checked I just use water and rub stuff, whats the problem? How are we to verify the alchemy of the sorcer or sorceress or alchemist who developed this chemical formulae they are free balling everywhere and introducing into the human genome as people are exposed to it in the stadium and surrounding physical touch points? There is a lot of shit people dont think about, but is real important...

anywho —– /me walks off..

I leave you with this:

Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC, will use a pair of drones to disinfect fan seating and other areas after upcoming events. The purpose-built D1 disinfecting drones are being provided by Lucid Drone Technologies, and use electrostatic spraying nozzles to distribute the non-toxic disinfecting chemicals. The drones will debut after the Falcons’ upcoming October 11th home game against the Carolina Panthers.

The stadium claims it’s the first professional sports stadium to use cleaning drones, and it says they reduce the time it takes to clean the stadium’s seating area by 95 percent, freeing up staff to work elsewhere. The drones will also disinfect the stadium’s handrails and glass...

Continue reading…

Okay so that was the article. One last thing, suppose just for a moment a drone accidentally chops up or corners a bird who gets confused and flys directly through a path of drone spinning flight holder of drones up in the air device things, because they are probably sharp or can hurt. Just common sense- okay ? and is the other cleaning drone gonna just, leave the deceased? Or is it going to clean it ? What if the pattern fractals out of control and the birds declare war, and the drones just eh- I don't know... This whole thing , ALL of it- the WHOLE thing. is weird.

okay- bye :D

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(but, supposing you have an open mind- you realize you can still make and watch other peoples movies)– and don't need “a central agency” to do so, then congratulations I'd like to speak with you. Otherwise, please just read on and note the movies may be going away.

—begin blog post—

So, I've been telling people sporadically when it came up, that if you ever saw movies stop being made, and theatre chains start to shutter- you should have already reserves of food, and infrastructure for basic necessities you'd like to manufacture or have on stored supply- and in some cases may never see again after what you have runs out.

I'm not exactly sure how this will look, – nobody is- but we're headed into a transitional territory as a species- and you should understand that 'constants' other than things like there is going to be some sunlight, tomorrow”– are not umm- that is not how it works.

We're in a giant floating marble/shoe box magnet thing full of thingie-ma-bobbies and we are all dancing in it, how the fuc* would it stay constant? ;-P

But about the theatres – it was a cue that I saw a long long long time ago which would be a partial indica of cardinality. From Sean Hollister of the Verge- (hm, I really should be posting this on I'll have to cross post it.)

From Sean:

(via rss)

Businesses Close Stores Nationwide In Response To Coronavirus Pandemic Photo by Victor J. Blue/Getty Images Cineworld, owner of the largest chain of theaters in the UK and Ireland and the second-largest in the United States — Regal Cinemas — will reportedly close all its theaters next week, according to /Variety/ , /The Sunday Times/ , and others. /Variety/ reports that all 543 theaters in the US will be closed, which account for the chain’s 7,000+ screens in the region. /The Sunday Times /reports that it will close all 128 theaters in the UK and Ireland, too. Both say James Bond is the reason. Yesterday, the 25th James Bond film — /No Time to Die/ — was pushed back to April 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic, denying theaters one of the last major tentpole releases due out this year . Apparently, theaters were counting on Bond, specifically, to arrive on... Continue reading…

** Yep. **

So that's interesting. I have some friends in the industry, in several capacities- since I live just 40 miles from the stamen and pistil- Lost Angels, I mean wait- Yeah- that place. Verrah Verrah busy down there, and super neat in many ways. However I am quite happy being closer to the negative ion generative system (ocean), as there are much a mucky-muck in the EM spectrum, but this is another story and it's not exactly complicated. Man has built so many “antennae things” and wireless “nesses” – in plurality ad infinitum, that if you were to spray- much like adding a water vapour from a spray mister into the air with the stream of red energy illuminating inside of what appears to be a magic trick- the laser pointer is now a star wars weapon? what planet am i on? okay yeah whew! is this thing on? okay cool that didnt actually burn my hand- just i can see it now, the particles! cool! science is cool! (this is a monologue of what it must be like to discover this about a simple laser pointer and water for the first time.) and yeah, i think i was as much if not even further amused , but ..

Everything changes. Not all at once, but sometimes that too. What can remain constant among all this are your ideas that you hold about yourself- your morals, your virtues, your personality- how you treat others, how you wish to be seen in this world- and remembered if such a thing is to be an occurrence- and so on. More later.

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uh, yeah. I was just dorking around thinking about something I read in Threads and Traces by Ginzburg, C. The other day, and loaded out of intuition. The first post caught my attention- and in general the rule of the internet is never click the first post. It's usually a trap, or a real trip. In this case, it turns out to be the very rare option C, and likely a great deal of categora “b,” in all of the perceptive and open ended frameworks that I cannot literally find any one to discuss with, and I do grow weary of eyeballs starting to roll back from dendrites rapidly shearing off their electrical waste agglomera- but.... jeebz. It's not fun, and the cat doesn't really do much for obscure latin roots, but is an expert cuddler, when she wants to be.

Okay, here's my post and the link above is to the first post in the blog started by the author who i think just blew my mind in the context of the possibility i may have found a very interesting also polymath by which to exchange ideas. how fortunate for the realized network / the realized networks / the realized network earth and the re-designing of the internet that is under-way.

i should have subscribed to her blog with a different email address. oh well, i'll just have to say hi.

check out this incredible image here, which is the initial post over there, and then i put a horizontal rule- and the rest is my un-finshed post, from yesterday- mentioning Vitruvious.

Okay so what actually caught my attention was the research she was doing around auro-sensory perpcetion and cognition-, and that she used the world multimodal. and i have never heard anyone use the word multimodal, or multi-modal really only functional preference unto applique- but yes that was a strange signaling thing there so here we are now. :p

derp. so much freaking derp. what is going on here!


okay, I was going to get back to this research film after some emails. oh and my facebook URL is yes, its me. my name is Omar, but on there I go under the pseudonum ramon borema as a psychological sub-fracture re-key-stoning of “aura borealis' – and anyway...

perhaps we shall talk, consider my post a retro-active open letter which is postured as a present tense future gram from the past, without having known it had a specific author intended to it, in addition to the rest of the audience by which it was originally drafted for.

how peculiar and exciting!

But I ran out of the correct cigarette papers, became very upset at how it tasted smoking the backup backup not actually-a-backup but a fallback ugh i had to go to sleep! the taste! could not shake it. ha.... so today i remedied that, and the tabac again tastes glorious, no filter, crutch yes, and natural hemp papers from the alacante empire in espania .

speaking of which, if this a.21 synth.electro.plasma.opera.UN stuff ever ends, I would like to visit spain again, after all I was born in Rota, which is by Cadiz, which is in the south. El Sud. God I love it, I went once and it blew my ***R# mind.. in so many ways I can barely ... I'm crying right now. :D

** un buon idea ** staggered ion exchange system is the transition to barter and non linear imaginative listening and help based facilitation out of utility or care concern love not greed. it follows hand in hand with design.

insp: nature, and additional resources: vitruvius. re he tried it and documented it. this is called “de architectura.” a ten volume book of his most important life works. as considered by him.

** |. .:. functional delta: has been registered for the purpose of build out at proper meta-physical time-line to not mess with any extant things, and or yield in the correct mouse trap style order except everyone wins and there is no enemy, and there is no loser.if you can't visualize what i see, that doesn't mean it cannot happen, just chill and stand by- i am on everyones team, because there is no team. just team humans and animals and happy and the thing about a true idealist is they have the ability to scare the shit out of just about anyone out there. i get this about some of the concepts i introduce when you compare them to what we got currently going on in our day to day lives. just understand above all else i retain a full rational and functional objectivity in my day to day life, which is very mundane, i go to sleep, i wake up and have coffee and a bananna, i check my email, i stretch, meditate, have more coffee, walk around outside a bit- come back do a lot of work, take some breaks, eat things, and eventually go to sleep. We humans are all more or less the same, its just the way we make decisions that makes you think we are different, coupled with that we are interacting with “the matrix” for better or worse there are two layers of reality occurring simultaneously on this planet at the moment, and it is really as simple as this:

the will of a group of beings, as against whatever in whatever way it decides, whenever, at any given point, but generally does not seem to want to blow up the place just does really weird things, and some good.

the will of the planet if everyone followed the golden rule, which would literally just look like a bunch of happy fucking gibbons sitting around eating stuff and fucking every so often, food everywhere, everyone naked and laughing and sitting and talking and creating stuff, with no care for boundary whatsoever or difference whatsoever anywhere.

yeah thats what heaven looks like right?
see thats some bullshit right there because its not up in the sky, dude. it can be right here, but you have to pull your ostrich ass out of the shit sandwich you have been sold, and start just living your dreams a moment at a time- or however much amount at once per day blocks you can fucking handle. then just do it daily and start living for yourself.

dont be spiteful, dont be rageful, as operant mechanisms of doing or being- but realize these feelings will come up in your own ponderings. by the way- the programmed urge to go see a therapist is strong. dont. unless you can know its a good person that isnt going to play by the book. the book is weird. some of it is useful and highly relevant, a lot of it isnt and highly damaging.

the course of a therapist is highly dependent on their own personal morality and ethics than anything else, as there are two paths presented by this so called “book” which is really a lot of manuals, education, collectively- the dr goes through to get their degree and title.

it is fascinating to ponder that while there are things a good therapist could do but wont, the bad therapist will do and shouldn't, but both have the same education, and the same patient, hypothetically, and one outcome works and one doesn't. but the difference in action is the morality of the doctor.

so a big part of the realized networks will be giving humanity access to learning ethics, and philosophy, the reasons that moral principles and concepts- etc etc all those building blocks- that exist multiple layers and levels before you even have a presented “choice”. Because thats just part of how it works, but there is a lot most people do not become aware of, that greatly affects what you can do with the variables presented, and your idea, and the variables you don't have yet- can be had much easier if you play the current deck into its order for what you want, not what people tell you will happen.

read all that last paragraph slowly, out loud.

have a great day! no picture in the entry today. too much to read once without thinking, store it, and then read pausing if you want to. always, do this- never get stuck and stop. the brain is fascinated by what you stopped because of. that is your cue to ** go further. **

i also know you have not the ability to visualize this, but for just a moment perhaps ponder all the great thinkers of the past few hundred years have literally been hiding from you, because the moment we speak up, you all want to burn the witch- out of the human primal fear of hearing some ideas that are so new they literally scare you half to death figuratively with the electric shock of possibilities they bring to your brain to realize and begin to now use and process in the onward times from this point of initial life changing discovery.

so dont burn the witch, instead just scream bitch! then walk away and sleep on the new info. i dont need you to ever let me know anything makes sense, or to coome up with a question to ask me. so you likely feel that pressure since it was programmed into your behavioral databank literally in school system educational procedures as you rose through the grades and ultimately graduated, or didnt.

if you didnt, i want to talk with you especially. they couldnt break you and your brain has insane value. help me solve the worlds problems. i cant guarentee a thing, but i am very determined, and if you did not graduate high school, so were you- until the world decided you didnt fit- and pushed you away hoping you would die or end up in jail.

oddly- you types are some of the most important thinkers of our time. you ae the michanglos, the davincis, and the dreamers, tinkerers, inventors, and people with dna that is so goddamn pure and stubborn, it cannot be indoctrinated.

so if you ever considered yourself a fuckup, ponder all this. :)

also, email me if you want to help try and fix this planet, no pressure, just a lot of passion and the whole thing is open ended except me ceeding total control of it to you. email me at or or if you got sucked into video game world as your survival adaptation of choice, also visit you probably were also in love with zelda, mario and all those- as they were an operable timeline fracturing- intellectually and emotionally- eh this is another blog- look for that later, but emails are in this paragraph :) dont be shy dont worry about sounding stupid just tell me whats on your mind or in your heart and press send when you realize im not going to judge you and neither should you. :D

ok byee!

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